About Bi-Fold Doors UK

bi-fold doors wrapped around a corner house extension

BiFold Doors UK is a home extension and renovation firm supplying both residential and business consumers. We provide a range of offerings that can be seen below, operating on a basis of expert knowledge with local service.

Because we've done this for so long, and love what we do, we know what works and what doesn’t and how to fit this in with your plans. We can jump into a project for the final stages but are just as happy to help you plan your works from the ground up!

So what’s the product and why is it worth it?

BiFold Doors

Our pet project, as the name implies. BiFold Doors have steadily become a majestically modern addition to homes over the past few years, and we can’t help but love them. Adding these to your dining room to open it up into the garden is a particular favourite.

BiFold Windows

Like BiFold Doors, folding windows are becoming a staple in home reno projects and, indeed, new builds. There are some truly amazing ways to make the most of these – a great example being the space above your bath expanding to welcome in the summer breeze and relaxing views.

Aluminium Windows

We don’t just do BiFold though! We also supply and fit traditional windows to match our other projects. Aluminium Casement Windows are extremely popular, being extremely sturdy and lasting for years thanks to their durable nature. They also have an A-rated energy saving system. These models are traditional outfits where panels are connected to frames via a hinge system, which itself is mounted on any side of the frame. These can be done with extremely small sides, meaning fewer distractions between you and that view! They’re available on both residential and commercial scale, and are highly versatile in how they work and what they can achieve.

Roof Lanterns

There was a time when the thought of a skylight letting in the sun’s rays was the ultimate enhancement to a room. Roof lanterns take this a step further, adding glamour and aesthetics to the effect of warmth and light, and providing even more dramatic views into the endless sky. We can help you plan this addition and bring the dream to life.

Complete Buildings Extensions

We also handle bigger projects like home extensions. This is a wide array but includes things like orangeries that make great additions to most buildings. Extensions are extremely subjective, personal projects that can change dramatically depending on size, location and budget. Throw personal aesthetic preferences into the mix and this service becomes extremely diverse and exciting.

So, that’s enough about us! What are you after and how can we help?