Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that are attached to the window frame by hinges. They may be hinged wither horizontally or vertically, and they generally open outwards. They windows were the most popular kind of window prior to Georgian times when sash windows became the most popular window design. Casement windows began to regain their popularity during the 1930s and today are the windows of choice in most new builds.

While wood casement windows can suffer from problems such as distortion and rot, and require a considerable amount of maintenance, aluminium casement windows are essentially maintenance free. The high strength of aluminium means that the windows can be slim with large areas of glass and minimal frame visibility. Aluminium is extremely durable. It won’t rust or corrode and will last for many decades. Aluminium is one of the most sustainable of all building materials and can be recycled indefinitely. As a premium product, you can be certain that our aluminium windows will last into the foreseeable future.

The beauty of our aluminium windows is enhanced by the huge range of colours that are available. They can be coloured in any of our range of over 200 alternative RAL colours and you can choose different colours for the internal and external surfaces. The paints that are used provide a powder coat finish which is subsequently baked on to provide a resilient protective barrier that won’t flake or fade however it is challenged by the British weather.

Our wide range of aluminium windows are sourced from the major manufacturers in the industry which means that we are able to provide a wide range of alternative designs. If you have any specific requirements, talk to us; we are sure to be able to find a design that matches your needs.

Smarts Alitherm 47 Windows

Smarts 47 Windows are high quality aluminium windows which are considerably slimmer than either timber of uPVC. These allow maximum light into your home and will reduce heat loss and noise, providing excellent weather performance. They consist of sealed units with polyamide thermal breaks for a perfect your round solution.

Smarts Alitherm 300 Windows

Alitherm 300 Aluminium A Rated windows are the most thermally efficient windows that we can provide. With polyamide thermal breaks the windows offer outstanding thermal and noise insulation and will keep your heating bills down.

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