5 Great Home Renovation Ideas

sunken lounge

We love home renovations. BiFold Doors are our speciality, but the enjoyment we get from using these beautiful additions to create memorable spaces carries over into all sorts of changes you can make to a home. Here’s a short list of things we see people doing, and that we think you should do too. They would all go beautifully with brand new, bi-fold doors!

1. Sunken lounge-room/conversation pit

As above, These are becoming more and more popular in modern homes, and you can see why. The funky addition is an absolute eye-catcher but, more than that, is a fantastic space to encourage conversation, add depth to a room, and focus attention away from the TV. What more could you ask for?

2. Sunroof/Sky

sunroof sky
image credit: mydreamabode.wordpress.com

It’s interesting that these are not more commonplace in today’s homes. With electricity prices rising, and awareness around climate change meaning more of us want to decrease our power usage, a skylight presents a perfect opportunity to do it in an aesthetic and multi-purpose way. Skylights bring extra light into a room, and in summer can create a great source of heat. Like bi-fold doors, modern technology means the implementation of one doesn’t necessitate a deviation away from comfort. It’s all for the good of the house!

3. Staircase Bookshelf

staircase bookshelf
image credit: sboki.com

Oh, how we’d all like one of these! If you live in a bungalow, a look around at some great designs of bookshelves built into staircases will make you want to sell-up and find that two-story property. This is not only a space-saving technique – this is becoming a staple of home design for everyone aesthetically-minded. And it’s not just books that are finding their new home in Harry Potter’s old room – which leads us onto number four…

4. Staircase Kennel

staircase kennel
image credit: ljacobsendesign.com

Yes, you read that correctly; a staircase kennel. This is a real thing and one that every dog – well almost every dog – deserves. This wonderful photo from NAME shows a simplistic, beautiful edition to the home that can remove all that mess from open spaces. With that in mind, consider a child’s playroom as well.

5. Two-sided fireplace

two sided fireplace
image credit:eldoradostone.com

Last but not least: the two-sided fireplace. There are a myriad of examples and styles to pick from, but our favourite has to be the bedroom/en-suite joinery. This brings immediate warmth and intimacy into an area that can be cold and disconnected.

So what great ideas do you have? We’d love to hear about them. Feel free to send in photos and we’ll put them up on our Facebook page!

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