Add the Finishing Touch to Your Extension with Bifold Doors

bi fold doors finishing touch to a house extension

Undertaking an extension to your home is challenging and exciting. Not only do you have to find the right design before you start building but you’ll have to sort out legal problems such as planning permission, find the best builders, cope with all the costs and deal with the inconvenience while construction takes place.

There are a couple of reasons why someone decides to build an extension in the first place. The primary motivation, of course, is to add more room. The second goal may be just as important and that’s to add value to the property. It’s an excellent opportunity to add something that makes a big difference to your home but which also has your own personal stamp on it.

The main areas where homeowners generally look to extend is around the dining room or kitchen, in many cases building out towards the back of the house. Whatever part of your home you are expanding, however, considering the aesthetic appeal of your house extension is going to important.

Aluminium bifold doors are a great solution if your space is going to be looking out over the garden.

The Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors For Your Extension

Bi-fold doors open up any space and instantly create that wow factor which can mean so much. The first thing you will notice is that your extension will have a lot more light and appear much roomier.

  • Bi-fold doors are easy to maintain and simple to open and close.
  • Because they fold back on each other, you don’t have the limited opening that sliding doors have.
  • Today’s bi-fold doors are built to last and have great qualities when it comes to energy efficiency. In short, they’ll keep your extension cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • You also get great views of your garden. During the summer, you can easily open your bi-fold doors and enjoy the pleasant weather, hold a barbecue or simply lounge in the shade as you read a book or having breakfast.

One of the things that our customers often worry about is the level of security that you get with bi-fold doors. The great news is that all modern doors come with state of the art locking and security systems which means your home is kept ultra-safe. The strong seals and highly efficient double glazing also provide an added layer of protection.

If you’re looking for more than a practical solution and want to create an extension that really does have a lot of appeal, opting for bi-fold doors is certainly something you should consider at the design phase. You can have your doors tailored to fit any space and even go for installations that wrap around the corner of a building.

Made from hardwearing aluminium, you’ll find a number of different colour and design options available for your new house extension. They also look fantastic and are pretty easy to clean.

Perhaps you were considering putting in a conservatory or simply thought sliding doors were the only option. More and more people are choosing bi-fold doors, however, because they are simple to maintain and look brilliant.

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