Alternative Bifold Door Styles

uPVC Timberlook grey slimline bi fold doors

Bi fold doors have become a popular choice in a wide range of situations. When used in an extension they are the perfect solution for bringing the outside in and maximising the feeling of space; they are frequently used for separating a conservatory from a living room where they add style and maximise the light; and their flexibility makes them ideal for opening up living space to create an open plan environment while maintaining the option of closing them to create privacy.

While there are many different bifold door designs, there are three basic styles: aluminium bifold doors; timber bifold doors; and uPVC bifold doors. Here we look at some of the fundamental benefits of each type.

Aluminium Bi fold Doors

Aluminium is a modern building material that has many advantages. It is strong, robust and light and requires very little maintenance. It is also one of the most sustainable building materials in the environment.

The strength and lightness of aluminium means that bifold doors can be constructed with thinner frames which maximises the glazed areas allowing in more light and giving a feeling of greater open space. They are favoured by architects who seek a minimalist style with vast areas of glass supported within a thinner frame than is possible with other materials. When open, they occupy less stacking space, again emphasising the feeling of extra space.

There is a wide choice of finishes too. They can be anodised or powder coated with many colour options and finishes including wood grain.

Timber Bi fold Doors

For those who prefer a more classical look, timber bifold doors are an excellent option. They are available as solid hardwood such as oak, softwood, or engineered and laminated timber with a wood veneer. An advantage of engineered timber is its high resistance to warping and twisting which offers improved structural stability.

An advantage of timber bifold doors is their high thermal insulation properties. They do require, however, regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.

A wide range of finishes are available. They can be stained, varnished and painted in any colour you wish to match the style of your home.

We recommend that you only consider doors constructed from timber sourced from sustainable forests.

uPVC Bi fold Doors

When budget is a major consideration, uPVC bifold doors are an excellent choice. They require virtually no maintenance and modern uPVC doors are extremely resistant to the elements and will continue to look good for many years into the future. They provide excellent thermal insulation, they are strong durable and will never warp or distort.

While white is still the standard colour for uPVC doors, there is also a wide range of finishes including many different colours and textures including wood grains. In fact at first sight uPVC bifold doors finished with a wood grain texture are almost indistinguishable from real wood.

Which one for you?

Whichever style you choose, you won’t be disappointed. They all look great and they all have their individual advantages. Remember that they will last you far into the foreseeable future, and they will also add real value to your home.

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