Are Bi-folding Doors Really Secure?

secure bi fold doors with outside decking

There’s no doubt that security is high on the list of concerns when people consider new doors. Making sure you have the right locks installed is certainly important and not only keeps you safe but also deters potential burglars at the same time. The latest products have multiple locking points and high quality, secure lock cylinders.

But what about bi-folding doors? Are they as secure or do you need to worry if you have them installed?

People generally love the open views and space that these types of doors bring to any home. They’re brilliant for extensions or rooms that look out onto the garden, for instance. You can sit and enjoy the world any time of year – whether it’s the snow in winter or the flowers starting to bloom in spring. You can open the doors in summer and let the fresh air in and they’re excellent whether you are entertaining or simply relaxing over the weekend.

Bi-fold doors look very stylish, of course, but will they keep your home secure at the same time?

First of all, the doors that we provide are highly secure and come with certain accreditation that should set your mind at rest from the outset.

The first thing you need to look for when buying any bi fold doors is Secured by Design accreditation, something that all our products have as standard. This is part of an initiative between manufacturers and the police which helps design systems and products that are resistant to crime in all its forms. Accreditation is given to those installations that have the right security measures in place. You’ll be glad to know that all our bi-folding doors meet PAS-24 Secure By Design accreditation.

The police test these kinds of doors and windows quite extensively. They’ll actually try to break in and have worked with manufacturers and installers in many areas to help improve standards across the board. When you have a bi-folding door that meets this standard, you can be sure that it’s fit for purpose and is actually really secure. Having the best doors installed can mean that your home is up to 75% less likely to attract the attention of a burglar in the first place.

All our doors also have excellent high security locking mechanisms including shoot locks and multipoint locks as standard. Combine that with high quality, EU standard locking cylinders and you have all the security measures that you can possibly need.

All our doors are made from light and durable aluminium which means they are simple to open and easy to maintain. You have the added benefit that you won’t have a problem over time with rust which could impact on your security – aluminium doesn’t corrode and requires minimal maintenance over its lifetime.

If you are looking for a secure bifold door for your home, always check for Secure By Design accreditation in the first instance. Choosing products with this ensures you have a safe and secure installation that is fit for purpose and will be for some time to come.

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