Bi-Fold Doors and the Energy Efficient Home

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Bi Fold Doors are one of the many parts of home design beginning to factor into the minds of the environmentally conscious. With the UK being amongst the least energy efficient countries across Europe, a change in the way we plan our buildings and the way in which we harness natural light is looking to be a cornerstone of climate-aware construction for the foreseeable future. With Bi-Fold Doors we have a sympathetic product for those not wanting to sacrifice aesthetics for the green revolution. Let’s take a look at how that is.

Arguably, the defining issue of all current generations will be climate change. With large-scale plans being implemented by governments across the world to reduce national carbon emissions, it is often going to be down to the individual homeowner to determine what effect they will have on the process.

Reasons for going green

There are numerous benefits to be had by turning the focus of your household’s energy use to that of clean energy. This can go as far as to include the sale of excess energy back to the main grid if you utilise solar panels.

However, the main points as far as most homeowners are concerned are the reduction of their carbon footprint, a drop in electricity bills, and the increase to the value of their home. All three are excellent reasons for making a house energy-efficient.

Methods for going green

Most of us are aware of the ways in which we can reduce our reliance on electricity around the house. Normally, we think of renewable energies like solar panels, wind turbines, or energy-efficient appliances. But what a lot of us overlook is the simple things like insulation, heat retention and the optimisation of natural light.

BiFold Doors helping you be green

If you’ve read our last couple of blog posts you’ll know that the final point made above – optimising the use of natural light – is something that BiFold Doors are ideal for.

In green-circles, this is often called ‘daylighting’, which refers to using sunlight as the primary source of light throughout a home with the obvious result of less reliance on your switches.

But Bi-Fold Doors carry other parts to them not discussed above. In certain models, these doors have a break called ‘polyamide thermal’. This insulates the doors by stopping heat transfer through the frames. This is a major difference from normal windows and sees a real impact on heat loss from inside the house, as well as cutting down the potential for build up of condensation and damp.

There are plenty of reasons to go green, and there are plenty of ways to ensure your house makes the switch. One of the most aesthetically pleasing of these is through innovative designs like Bi-Fold Doors. As with so much in modern builds, these doors are certainly more than meets the eye.

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