What Are the Perfect Blinds for Bifold Doors?

blinds for bifold doors

Bifold doors are massively popular, adding a contemporary, visually striking aspect to any living space or kitchen/dining area. Choosing the right blinds is the finishing touch and can amplify the aesthetic of your design.

As the leading supplier of bifold doors, windows, roofing systems and sky lanterns, Bi-Fold Doors UK has compiled this style guide to help you choose the ideal blinds for your new glazing.

The Advantage of Quality Blinds for Bifold Doors

Many clients assume that a set of conventional curtains will be the right soft furnishing for their bifold doors – but we often suggest blinds as a more economical, family-safe option that can enhance your privacy and security.

Bi-Fold Doors UK specialises in integrated blinds – we’ll explain more about the different blind systems shortly!

But, whichever blinds for bifold doors you end up selecting, they’ll always be preferable to other solutions for several compelling reasons:

  • Blinds are lightweight yet robust – they are incredibly versatile and available in various colours, hues and textures. A sheer set of blinds could add to a gentle entertainment ambience, whereas a blonde wood finish looks incredible in a modern home.
  • A set of bifold blinds fit faultlessly to the doorframe, and you can opt for a single blind on each door. That enables you to adjust one blind at a time depending on the level of the sun and where you need adequate shade.
  • Bifold doors often lead out into a garden space and have an array of practical advantages, particularly in kitchens. Flame-resistant, blackout and moisture-proof blinds are customisable and can be opened or closed fully or partially.
  • Advanced bifold door blinds are technologically enabled, so you can control the blinds from a mobile app, open and close the blinds when you are away from home, or adjust the settings without leaving the comfort of your sofa.
  • Blinds are the best window shade for energy efficiency and greener living. You can control the room temperature, reduce draughts or heat loss, and maximise natural light.

Our preferred blinds for bifold doors are constructed with the blinds inside the glass panels.

As an energy saving, noise reduction and zero-maintenance solution, a double or triple-glazed bifold door with integrated blinds is a premium design, which will remain flawless years after installation.

Integrated blinds are also child-safe and operate with a magnetic slider, with no hazards associated with fabrics, dangling chords or the potential for small fingers to become trapped in the blind mechanism.

inside view Visofold 1000 bifold doors with integrated blinds

Different Types of Bifold Door Blinds

There are numerous types of blinds, and your preference may be for practical or stylistic reasons – if you’d like some advice about the right blinds for your bifold door or windows, please get in touch!

As we’ve mentioned, our preference is a set of integrated blinds since they can be retrofitted to pre-existing doors or included in an initial installation, with a huge range of colours and performance features such as light and solar reflection.

Other blinds you may wish to consider are Venetian or roller blinds, made with fabrics such as:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen mixes
  • Velvet

Venetian blinds are built with horizontal slats, normally in aluminium, and are controlled by electronic switches or manual pulleys to adjust the light in the room.

Roller blinds have clean lines and sit flush with the doorframe when fully opened to avoid detracting from the view.

Bespoke designs such as prints or embroidery can blend with your decor scheme. A great way to see how your blinds would look is to ask for a mock-up or image of previous projects with a similar colour palette.

Many homeowners opt for a neutral shade, such as white, grey, or cream, but you can be as lavish or unusual as you wish and select a contrasting blind if you want to make a style statement!

Choosing the Right Number of Panels on Blinds for Bifold Doors

The correct number of blind panels will depend on the type of glazing you have and how many panes are included.

Integrated blinds are constructed within the bifold door itself, so they will always be built according to the number of panels, usually between three and five.

If you buy blinds for bifold doors separately, make sure to measure your doors or windows, and count the panels.

Buying a blind with too few panels will mean that you have less ability to tailor the sunlight and heat inside your room.

In contrast, a pre-fitted blind is fully adjustable, and you can open or close as many independent panels as you wish.

Bifold Door Blind Operating Systems

There are several ways to control your bifold door blinds.

Motorised blind systems are convenient, silent and easy to operate, ideal for homes with pets or children, or where you would like a bifold blind you do not need to adjust manually.

Some of the most popular mechanisms include:

  • Button-operated blinds: a wall-mounted button or remote control operates the blinds, which can be lowered, raised or tilted. Each blind is controlled separately so that you can tailor the light and shade.
  • Magnetic blind controls are integrated onto the internal glass pane and slide across to operate the blind – excellent for attic bifold windows and skylights.
  • Cordless sliders are manual yet child-safe without dangling cord loops. The narrow slide sits on the edge of the sealed glazed unit and can be used to raise, lower and tilt the blind.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Bi-Fold Doors UK team if you require a demonstration or advice about the varied control solutions!

Choosing the Perfect Blinds for Bifold Doors

The right blinds for your bifold doors will depend on your budget, style requirements, safety features and aesthetic.

There are countless options in terms of colour, operation, materials, size and features. We’ve run through some key choices in this guide to demonstrate the variety and versatility on offer.

Our consultants are always on hand if you would like assistance working through each specification to design your ideal blind system from the ground up.

For inspiration to help you create your perfect set of bifold blinds, or for more information about any of the options discussed here, please get in touch with the Bi-Fold Doors UK team at your convenience.

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