Care and Maintenance of your Bifold Doors

woman cleaning bi fold doors

Once you have experienced the dramatic improvements to the appearance of your living space, along with the increased functionality that bi fold doors create, such as making it instantly lighter, providing extra space and access to other rooms and your garden, while adding a contemporary feeling; you will naturally wish to keep the doors looking great and working perfectly for many years to come.

Whatever kind of doors you have chosen, all our uPVC, timber and aluminium bifold doors are constructed to the highest standard and are perfectly capable of withstanding all that the British weather can throw at them along with the daily wear and tear from your family. But to keep them at their very best, here are a few tips on the best ways of looking after them; just follow these and they will provide perfect service far into the future.

Ensure that they are installed correctly

Even if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer and take pride in the quality of your work, we still recommend that you use experienced fitters to install your doors. This will avoid any risk of damage and will ensure that your guarantee remains valid. We recommend our own supply and fit package. We use only our own professional fitters and the service is available countrywide.

When should I clean and service my doors?

You will be pleased to know that your doors require very little maintenance. An annual clean and service is all that most owners need, though if you live by the sea or in a busy city where the levels of pollution are relatively high, you might need additional cleaning, perhaps every three to six months in order to prevent the buildup of salt and dirt spoiling their appearance and performance.

Cleaning door frames and hinges

The best way to clean the door frames and hinges is with warm water to which a little washing up liquid or mild detergent has been added; always use a soft cloth or sponge; NEVER use a harsh cleaner such as an abrasive cream or scouring pad as doing so could damage the paintwork or coating. If you encounter any stubborn stains, they can generally be dealt with using a cleaner that is recommended for non-stick pans or even a rubber ink eraser. Another method is to use a cloth dampened with white spirit.

Once the door is dry, spray the locking mechanism hinges with a silicone spray taking care to immediately remove any excess. This will keep them working perfectly.

Cleaning the running tracks

Periodically check the door runners and track for any foreign objects such as small stones that might have fallen in and remove them immediately so that they don’t snag and damage the running mechanism. We recommend vacuuming the tracks and runners monthly to prevent the accumulation of debris and to keep your doors operating smoothly.

Taking care of your doors

Even though your bi fold door are built to withstand all the rigors of normal use, you should always treat them gently. Never try to force them if for some reason they get stiff; it’s probably just some debris that is getting in the way, so check and remove it rather than risk damaging your doors by forcing them.

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