Construction and the Environment. How We Are Minimising Our Impact

City of London skyline at dusk under construction

The building industry has somewhat of a bad wrap when it comes to the environment. And of course, the industry as a whole has made mistakes in the past (haven’t we all!). But at Bi Fold Doors UK we’re focussed on being as careful with the environment as possible, and limiting our footprint.

The UK Construction Blog recently posted an article about what companies should be doing, and so here we’re going to outline how we at Bi Fold Doors UK are setting the stage.

We try to leave the area as we found it (with fresh new doors & windows, of course)

UCB says that: “An environmental construction process requires special attention to be paid to the surrounding flora and fauna – especially if your project is situated in an area of natural beauty.” We think that everywhere we work has something to offer the environment, be that aesthetically or biologically. So we make sure that our entrance and exit is as footprint-less as possible. We take out what we take in, and minimise noise as much as possible. Our primary priority is always to protect the flora and fauna around the workspace.

We don’t just order any old material we come across. We check it.

A lot of the issues our industry has seen in the past comes about from the products and materials that have been used. At Bi Fold Doors UK, we try to find sustainable and, where realistic, reusable/recycled materials for our projects. Of course, this all comes with the caveat that you’re receiving top quality, safe materials first and foremost.

We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve

We believe that the greatest asset a business can have is the ability to adapt and improve. This comes about through learning, so we’re always looking at industry trends, technological improvements and more sustainable ways to operate our company. We’re always happy to discuss with our clients any concerns they have about our impact, and how we can mitigate that.

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