Flat Roof Extension Ideas

flat roof extension ideas

There are so many ideas you can use that are going to help you improve your home and make the best possible extension choices. There are a lot of things that can help play a role in this, and it is important that you do your best to make the most of this moving forward. Extending the home and making the right decisions that will improve your property is so important right now, and you need to make the most of this.

So, you need to have some ideas for things that play a part in helping you improve your home and make the right choices now that will help add value and practicality to the property. The roof is one of the key parts of any home, and you should look to do as much as you can to improve this by checking out these 15 flat roof extension ideas & designs for your home.

Flat Roof Extensions and Bifold Doors

Bifold doors and sliding doors are a perfect choice if you want your flat roof extension to match with an open plan design. Aluminium Bifold doors are ideal for something like a kitchen, where you can open them up to the outside and create a bright and airy living space.


A conservatory is the perfect way of adding value to any property, as well as providing additional space for the property and the family. The benefit of a flat roof conservatory is that you tend to get a bit more space than you do with pitched roof extensions, and they are legally classed as extensions. This does mean you’re going to need to get planning permission to be able to build the extension, but it is definitely worthwhile in the long run for improving your home as much as possible.

Sun Room

A sun room is the perfect addition to any property as it adds a different dimension to the property. Think of a sun room as being similar to a small conservatory, and this looks like a really gorgeous feature with a flat roof. Designed to let in light, promote warmth, and create more space, this is a stunning addition to any home, and a flat roof adds a different dimension in terms of size, scale and design of your sun room.

Glazed Link

Glazed links are really where your property can come alive as you flex your design and architectural muscles. This is a beautifully aesthetic way of linking different areas of your home together to give the property more character and provides a sophisticated and innovative way of connecting parts of the property – and this is a process that is far simpler with a flat roof.

Cantilevered House Extension

Cantilever extensions are a great way of being able to add more space and value to a home, and typically represent an ideal choice for those lacking large properties. There are so many great flat roof cantilevered extensions that you can use, such as a balcony. This is a popular contemporary choice, making it perfect for flat roof innovation.

New Staircase

If you really want an extension idea that screams “Wow!” then a new staircase could be just the ticket. This is a useful and aesthetically pleasing choice, and is going to open up so many more opportunities for you moving forward, which is important to consider.


In many ways an annexe is the perfect choice when you are trying to find the right home extension idea. There are a lot of things that play a part in this moving forward, but an annexe is a great way of adding a room to create extra space and help enhance the property overall.

Home office

Since coronavirus, more and more people are looking for ways of being able to work effectively from home, and thus the home office has become an invaluable extension to any home. In fact, you might even consider an office or an outhouse as one of the best ways to add a home office right now.

Music Room or studio with acoustics

A music room is perfect for those with a keen interest in music and playing instruments, as well as musicians who want an area they can play or practice that has the right acoustics. This is something that will really make your property unique, as well as helping to add an extra dimension to it.

Dining Room

For many homeowners, having an extra reception room is one of the best ways of being able to enjoy their home more. And this is why many of us look to the dining room as the ultimate extension; it’s a spacious and sociable family room that you will get plenty of use out of, and this is important to keep in mind.

Man Cave

Boys and their toys are almost inseparable these days, and the once lesser-spotted man cave is on the rise! A man cave would be an excellent flat roof extension because you can get creative with it, and the size tends to be flexible, so it would be useful for all kinds of homes.

Gaming Room

A gaming room presents a wonderful opportunity for an epic flat roof extension. It’s an uncomplicated and spacious area that can be used for home entertainment purposes. Think about what you would like to have in your gaming room, and where might be the best place to have the extension.

Kids Room

Kids need space, and giving them their own room to play and explore might not be the worst idea in the world. This is why you have to make sure you think about the different factors that play a role in helping you with this, and a kids room is one of the perfect extension opportunities for you right now.

Roof Deck

The roof deck is an amazing addition, creating value and adding a unique focal point to the top of the property. And this is so much more achievable and practical as a flat roof extension. And the best part is that the deck can even go on top of an existing extension as well, creating even more appeal and value.

Granny flat

A granny flat is a secondary dwelling that exists as part of a main property, and this is a common and popular flat roof extension idea. It can be used for a multitude of things, including accommodation, yoga studio, home office, or anything else you choose to use it for. The perfect extension idea for your home this year.

Make sure you come up with ideas that are going to allow you to improve your home and the extension choices you go with. There are so many ideas that will allow you to make the right choices here, and this is something you need to keep in mind as much as possible.

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