Home Improvement Trends 2019

living room soft brown colours

Coming into this time of year, you might see a number of articles on Home Improvement Trends for the new year. We’ll be doing something a little different. Read below to take a tour of an average UK house to see what we expect people will be doing to each section to either spice things up, bring more heart to the home, or boost property value before moving on.

Entrance way Improvements 2019

A perhaps overlooked section of our homes for many of us, lots of people will be putting more time into their entranceway, be that an archway, a reading nook or a hallway. A bit mover we expect to see if the use of feature furniture, maybe something homeowners have picked up and refurbished from a second-hand store.

Rob Royer, CEO of Interior Define, says

“Small details in upholstery have a big impact on design. Seams can pack a punch. Contrast piping, contrast stitching, and flanged seams used individually create uniqueness and a level of perceived value.”

This is an area we can all think about more.

Living Room Improvements 2019

Continuing the feature theme, more and more people are adding feature walls to living spaces, and next year will not see a reverse in that. What it may see is new experimentation in colours that work. Bold has been 2018’s wont, but homeowners may want to experiment with softer, ‘life-affirming’ tones like natural greens and soft browns.

kitchen recycling station

Kitchen Improvements 2019

There is an evolving concept known as the Wellness Kitchen which is seeping into kitchen designs. This will play a big role in what we see next year, as people attempt to improve their organic nutrition intake and limit their impact on the environment. As such, think about how you can set up recycling stations and compost bins to greater effect. Designs of kitchens will move more towards fostering social interactions, and encouraging healthy eating.

Bedroom Improvements 2019

As UK average home sizes continue to shrink, we’re all looking for ways to better utilise out space – or add to it with home extensions – and the bedroom may be a big mover in this uptake of ‘tiny home’ philosophies in standard residences. Whether it’s a pack-away desk or a foldable bed, changers are coming for the traditional bedroom as people seek simplicity and space.

Bathroom Improvements 2019

Continuing that idea of space, the bathroom will continue to undergo the revolution we’ve seen this year of open areas rather than cupboard mentality for toilets and showers. Open planned bathrooms allow greater ease when getting ready, and a more relaxing cleanliness. One big thing, tying in with Bedroom Improvements above, will be the saving of a room through ‘privacy barriers’ rather than a dedicated bathroom.


Garden Improvements 2019

And so we find out way to the Gardens across the UK! There is a Scandinavian trend (a trend for us, a tradition for them!) known as ‘Friluftsliv’ that is taking hold across Britain. In 2019, you’ll hear this more. It means ‘free air life’ in its literal English translation, but philosophically talks about spending more time in nature. What better way to bring the outdoors in than with BiFold Doors!

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