How Do I Clean uPVC?

new build white uPVC windows

The best way to clean certain materials is something we get asked about frequently, because no one likes spending money on quality work and then ruining it with Spray n Wipe chemicals! Fear not dear renovator – we’re about to run you through how to clean your brand-spanking-new uPVC windows.

As far as materials go, uPVC (or as we like to call it, Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is pretty easy to clean. Considering how low maintenance it is in comparison to some of its cousins, it’s surprisingly capable of handling most forms of weather including high winds or strong rain.

That said, as with everything, it will take some wear and tear overtime, which in the case of uPVC usually means a build up of dust and dirt.

How Do I Clean My uPVC Windows?

That all leads us on to the main point – how do you clean it? It’s important not to shirk the duties here: clean the window both inside and out.

A vacuum is the best way to go about this to start with, opening the window and getting rid of all the dirt and grime you can see. Tip: use a brush nozzle if you can to avoid damaging the uPVC surface with scratches.

This process will also help ensure the drain remains clear over time, which avoids blockages that can themselves cause leaks.

Next, wipe everything down with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Obviously you are best to avoid scouring pads and the like, for the same reason you should use a brush nozzle on the vacuum, but you can just use a tea towel or old rag for drying. Tip: on the glass, use newspaper to get rid of those annoying stains that form after a wipe down.

Remember that when going through all the above, avoid using harsh chemicals that can affect the uPVC, such as bleach, methylated spirits and WD40. All of these can discolour and erodes the finishes.

And hey presto – your uPVC is clean and without a scratch to show for it!

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