How Secure Are Bifold Doors?

secure bi fold doors with outside decking

One of the major concerns that our customers have about bifold doors is the safety and security they offer. While they look absolutely fantastic and can really help create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing area in your home, if you’re compromising your security, the question that needs to be asked is what’s the point?

The excellent news is that aluminium bi-fold doors are highly secure and come with all the latest locking technology you could hope for. Whether you have a conservatory area, a kitchen or dining room that opens onto the garden, the truth is that bi-fold doors not only give you the design quality you are looking for, they are easy to maintain and are very, very secure.

Bi-Fold Doors Act as a Magnet for Thieves: It’s Just Not True!

This is one of the big misconceptions of bi-fold and sliding doors and one we’re happy to dispel. Not only do you have the latest multi-point locking mechanisms installed, there’s also the question of the toughened double glazing. If you want added privacy when installing your bi-fold doors, you can opt for a wide range of different blinds and curtains. There are even options for installing remote controlled blinds you can operate from your smartphone and set timings for during the day.

The inline tracking systems add another layer of security which makes it one of the safest types of door options available today. You secure the multi-lock points on your bi-fold doors simply by turning the handle and engaging them all in one go.

All in all, if a thief sees that you have new bi-fold doors installed, they’re less likely to think about breaking in because they know it’s going to be difficult. Our doors regularly undergo rigorous tests to make sure they are secure as possible and snap-secure cylinders and multi-locking point are provided as a standard. Latch and dead bolts are also built into the systems we produce for installation in homes and businesses.

Other Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

In addition to the highly secure locking mechanisms for bi-fold doors is their really strong aesthetic appeal. Compared to sliding doors, you get more room to open up to the world. The tracking mechanism is easy to maintain and simple to push back or close. Our bi-fold doors are made from aluminium which is extremely durable and light – that means also that you don’t get your doors expanding or contracting depending on the temperature outside.

The high level of energy efficiency also means that your home will be kept warm in winter and cool during the summer. Once you decide to open up your bi-fold doors, they are easy to unlock and pull back to let the fresh air in. They’re great for areas like the kitchen and dining room and perfect for when you want to entertain.

Whether you want to create more space for your barbecue or would simply like to relax in the shade during a spring or summer day, the one thing you don’t need to worry about is the security of your bi-fold doors.

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