How to Give Your House a Lift – From Easiest to Hardest

give your home a lift hunting lodge style

There are so, so many ways out there to increase the liveability of your home. From a peace lily to a swimming pool, everyone has different ideas about what would make them enjoy their castle more. Here, we thought we’d look at a few favourite things we’ve come across in our work, from easiest (that you can do yourself) to hardest (that you should probably leave up to us!).


Indoor plants

Yes, this might seem obvious. But how many people do you know that actually litter their house with indoor plants like peace lilies? It’s incredible that, for something so simple and beautiful, there’s a dearth of it across our society. One of the things we love about our doors is that they help to bring the outside in… but there are more literal ways you can do it!


Start a herb garden on the window sill

Perhaps a slight step up from the old indoor plant/occasional water scenario is the herb garden. This will of course require a bit more TLC, but you reap what you sow and all that. A herb garden on your window sill – or even your kitchen bench if it’s next to a window – will not only lighten up the place: it’ll give you year-round tasty food.


Reading Nook

Now we’re progressing to a bit of DIY if that’s your think. There are plenty of examples out there (check out Pinterest) of clever ways to turn an unused space between the hallway and the stairs (or similar) into a family favourite area. As well as bookshelves and a lamp, see if you can find a thrifty, second-hand but comfortable couch that you can put new fabric on to give the nook a real sense of uniquety.


Give boring spaces a ‘feature’

So you’ve tried your hand at the reading nook project – how about finding areas that you’re sick and tired of a brand new facelift? This can be as simple as painting a blank wall in a bright or cosy colour, to something more complicated like floating shelves for those family portraits.


Add some bifold doors

Now, of course, we’ve saved the best till last! How about switching that dusty old wall that blocks your garden view for a some fresh new aluminium bifold doors that light up your house, and give you a fresh perspective over that morning cuppa? If this tickles your fancy, get in touch with us at Bi Fold Doors UK.


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