How To Improve Your Backyard

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Recently, one of our blog posts discussed the need for an attractive backyard, and how bi-fold doors looking out at that space can dramatically increase the value of your home. Well there’s nothing worse than knowing what you need to do without knowing how to do it. So for those of you with a creative block we’ve compiled a list of a few ways that you can make those sorts of improvements.

An important thing to remember when planning a garden renovation is that everybody’s different. That may sound redundant, but it really isn’t. If you scour the internet for beautiful visuals, inspiring creations, things that other people love, you can easily get caught up in a whirlwind of ‘do this, do that’, and move away from what you actually want to feel each time you see your backyard.

For example, we’re big fans of a garden that emphasises aesthetics. It might not be particularly helpful when you want to play football with the kids, but boy does it look great when you sit down all your guests inside and look out at the design.

Many people approach design from a different angle – what’s the main function? How can we incorporate use with beauty? So, before reading this or any other backyard improvement tips, have clear in your mind what it is you want to achieve.

With all that said, let’s look at a few inventive ideas, but stick with us because we’ll be flying through them!

Kicking us off is the classic stone fireplace. Not everyone enjoys big fireplaces, but if you do then a gigantic one in the backyard is pure bliss. In winter it can allow a brief session outside – in summer it can turn into the pizza oven you thought you’d never have.


stone fireplace garden
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Another favourite is the detached decking. Getting everyone away from the back door is a great way to add depth to the property, and the change in setting means your guests feel like they’re getting more than the usual patio offering. Throw it at the end of the yard and make use of that space that would probably sit empty.

The next idea is perhaps a bit of a luxury for those with a bigger garden, though if you get creative you could try it on a smaller plot of land; the backyard creek. This beautiful addition creates a sense of calm and aesthetics that not many parts of a garden can – and that includes roses! Although a lot of thought and planning should go into it, the rewards from this sort of a build would be immense, not to mention valuable.

How about something a bit more fun: golf. Not to everyone’s liking, to be sure, but for the lads or ladies that like the odd putt, throwing a putting green onto that lawn area you never use is a great way to unwind on a weekend (if the ball goes in).


outside garden decking with a tree in the middle
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And finally, we’re going to go back to pure aesthetics: the tree coming out of the decking. Not everyone can do this, as is the case with lots of these ideas, but if you really want to get something done a professional is always a phone call away. Make sure you use them – they really know their stuff! And just look how good does that tree looks!

So that’s our whirlwind ‘do a backyard’ tour. If you’ve got photos of a backyard you’re proud of, send them in – we’d love to see them!

For those of you with a creative block we’ve compiled a list of a few ways that you can make those sorts of improvements.

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