Make the most of your House Extension with Bifold Doors

house extension with corner bi-fold doors

Most of us would like more space in our home, and while there are various ways of achieving this, the most popular is a home extension. Not only is this the most cost effective way of adding more space, it will increase the value of your home when you finally do decide to sell.

While there are many different kinds of extension, you will want to make the very best of the project. There are several things to consider, and one of these is the interface between your extension and your outdoor space. Over recent years this has received a great deal of attention by many top designers and architects, with the focus being on maximising the feeling of open space.

The most effective way of achieving this is with bi-fold doors, and these are now used in a wide range of extension designs.

Designing your extension

While you probably already have a basic impression of what you want from your extension, it is still worthwhile to approach its design step by step. The first thing to decide is exactly what you will use this extra space for; will it be a family room, a dining room, or even a guest room?

Next you need to consider its overall style. There are many different styles to choose from, and fashions change over time. While in the past it was popular to focus on extensions that matched the rest of the home, today the focus tends to be on minimalist design and the creation of light airy spaces that are both warm and functional.

Bifold doors are the perfect solution for achieving all of these aims. Modern bi-fold doors have large areas of high thermal performance glass supported in relatively small frames that maximise the light and feeling of space when they are closed. And when they open they stack efficiently so that almost the entire area is open to the outside space, literally bringing the outside inside.

There are also several different frame material options:

  •  Aluminium bifold doors are popular. These have the thinnest frames, making the most of the space. They can be finished in a wide range of colours and textures.
  •  If you want a more traditional style for your extension, then choosing timber bifold doors could be the ideal choice. A wide range of timer styles and finishes are available, and timber has the added advantage of excellent thermal insulation.
  •  uPVC bifold doors are also popular. Again these are available in a wide range of finishes, so you are no longer restricted to white.

Internal bi-fold doors

You might also consider internal bifold doors between your extension and an adjoining room. This is the perfect way of creating extra space when you require it, with the option of instantly creating smaller spaces when required.


Bi-fold doors make the very best of modern extensions and can transform the way in which you can use the extra space. They can be created to fit any space, even corners sets can be used in your design. Think creatively and discuss your thoughts with your builder or architect; you won’t look back.

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