Patio Or Bi-Fold Doors? Our Quick Buying Guide

inside view of green living room with traditional white patio doors

There’s nothing better than being able to open up a room to the outside. It creates a unique space that is both great for relaxing hot summer days and for entertaining. If you have decking or a patio, there are normally two choices available when it comes to large, glass doors – pull back patio or bi-fold doors.

But which is the best for your home? We take a quick look at the pros and cons of buying each.

Personal Preference

Of course, a lot comes down to how you feel. Some people love patio doors, others really can’t do without their bifold doors. To be frank, choosing either is a great option. It might just depend on what sort of effect you want to achieve.

Patio doors are what we traditionally associate with a large glass installations. There is usually one panel that slides across behind the other and a lot depends on the size of space you have. If it’s just a small opening, a patio door can restrict the amount of opening that you can achieve. They still provide great views and are highly secure, however.

Bi-fold doors act a little differently. There are a number of panels and they concertina back towards the sides. That means you can completely open up the room and create a much bigger, open space. In fact, this is one of the big advantages of bifold doors over patio doors. If you’re someone who entertains regularly and you want to really open up your garden space, this is probably one option that you need to seriously consider.

Is There a Difference in Security?

You may think that bifold doors are going to be a little flimsier but this is actually not true at all. There have been huge advances in security for both kinds of door in the last ten to twenty years. They have multiple locking points and, with lightweight but very strong aluminium frames, they can both provide a secure full window opening.

Door Maintenance

The other thing you might want to consider more closely is how much maintenance you need to do. Surely, patio doors are less likely to break? Again the high level of manufacturing quality along with exceptional standards means that both doors are pretty low maintenance. Bi-fold and sliding door can come with double and triple glazing, making them great at keeping in the heat during the winter.

The Cost of Bi-Fold vs Patio Doors

The other issue, of course, is the cost of the doors. It’s not actually the type of door that effects the cost, however, it’s the material they are made of. The cost of large bi-fold and patio doors have also come down in recent years. If you’re choosing a durable material like aluminium for the frame then you can expect a little bit more. The amount you will save on better insulation and lower energy bills will more than compensate.

If you have a space where you want to introduce large window doors, it pays to look at both bifold and patio varieties. Begin by thinking about how you want the space to look. If you want to create a more open area then bifold doors are certainly going to be an excellent option.

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