Reduce Condensation and Boost Insulation with Aluminium Frames

Fortunately, making the most of your window area and producing a space that is highly energy efficient is a lot easier than it used to be. We’ve got used to uPVC windows in our homes.

But are they the only choice if you are looking to update your double glazing?

The truth is that there are a variety of different frame types to choose from. Here, we take a much closer look at aluminium and why it just might be a better option if you want to replace your existing frames.

Insulating Properties

You might be surprised to learn that aluminium has some pretty good insulating properties which makes them an ideal material for window frames. The energy efficiency of any new window is down to the whole design and not just the glass and glazing part. The insulating levels of the latest window designs means that you can keep your home warm and lower your carbon footprint at the same time because you are using less energy for heating.

You might also think that aluminium frames will be cold to touch compared to uPVC. Most people who have them installed are surprised to find out that this is simply not the case. And, if you’re really concerned about the environment, you can also be sure that aluminium windows are 100% recyclable. That’s not always the case with uPVC windows.

Aluminium Windows and Condensation

While some condensation around your windows can be a good thing, too much can cause problems. It’s always a good idea to open your windows regularly to allow air to circulate. Aluminium windows are very weather resistant and highly water tight which means that you won’t have any problems with dampness getting in from the outside and adding to your condensation issues.

Durability and Aluminium Window Frames

If you are making a big investment and changing your windows or putting in bi-fold doors, you want a product that is really built to last. The good news is that aluminium frames are highly durable and come with long warranties. Add in the fact that they are very low maintenance and you can enjoy your new windows for many years to come with very little hassle.

The light material and really strong design of aluminium windows makes them suitable for almost any part of the home. Whether you’re having bedroom windows replaced, a skylight installed in a new kitchen extension or you’ve decided to invest in stylish aluminium bi-fold doors, they come with a lot of benefits.

Some people believe that the thinner style of aluminium windows means that they can’t be used for triple glazing. This isn’t actually true either and there are plenty of suppliers and manufacturers producing tripled glazed products with aluminium frames.

The other thing to consider is that aluminium frames come in a wide range of different styles which makes them a more flexible choice than something like uPVC. If you want a strong window that helps reduce condensation and delivers great insulation, aluminium windows and bi-fold doors are well worth a much closer look at.


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