When you’re considering what to do with your windows and whether blinds or curtains are the best option, there are plenty of different choices available to you. How you dress that window area can help define any interior.

But what happens when you have a much bigger area to cover?

If you have bifold doors installed, there’s certainly a lot to think about, particularly because of the height and width of the glass panels. Of course, you can leave this area open to the world if you want and many people do.

For those who want to have a bit more privacy, however, here are some ideas for your interior décor.

Traditional Curtains

These can be slightly more problematic when it comes to a bi-fold because of the way the doors fold out in a concertina. That doesn’t mean you should discount them altogether.
Choosing the right curtain fabric will help soften the impact of a modern installation and add your own personal touch for a start. We advise going for lighter fabrics rather than heavy drapes that you normally get with large window spaces. You also need to fit them so that when the bifold doors are open the fabric isn’t in the way and vice versa.

Roll Down Blinds

These have come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. You used to put roller blinds in the kitchen or bathroom and they were ideal for smaller windows. With the advent of mechanised systems they have also become really great for bigger spaces. You can even have roller blinds installed that operate using your smartphone.

Blinds in general can vary quite considerably in design but are perfect for bi-fold doors because they lift up and out of the way. If you want privacy and something that looks modern and chic, it’s well worth exploring more.

Vertical Panel Blinds

Another option is to go for vertical panels for your blinds. This is a great idea if you want something that is easy to maintain but still does the job of giving you plenty of privacy or shade. Essentially they operate the same way as a set of curtains and can be drawn back to open up your doors. They can make your home look more like a workplace and the design choices are a little limited, but if you’re focused on functionality rather than style they’re well worth a second look..

What You Need to Consider

The first thing is going to be the size and location of your bifold doors and what you want to achieve in terms of interior décor. If you are installing blinds, you are probably going to want them mechanised as manually lifting them up and down can be chore.

When it comes to curtains, lighter materials are going to be better but you need to factor in the space you have at either side of your bi-fold doors as well.
All forms of window dressing work well if your primary concern is privacy. It mostly comes down to a question of what you like best. A solution like Roman blinds can be quite cheap but other blind options will vary depending on the style and the technology involved.

If you’re making a considerable investment on your bifold doors in the first place, it obviously pays to do the same with your curtains or blinds. Whatever you decide to choose, you should of course ensure that it matches your interior.

At Bi Fold Doors UK we believe the best solution is to go for integrated blinds when you order you new doors or windows, we can always retro fit integrated blinds to your existing bifold doors but you would need brand new glazing units as well.


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