Should I Replace My Windows?

replace my windows

Deciding whether to have new double glazing installed in your home or business is not something you should take without considering all the benefits. There are a number of reasons for upgrading, however, particularly if you have old windows in place.

Doing so could well improve your comfort levels and reduce the cost of your utility bills for a star. It can also greatly reduce the amount of noise that you get from outside.

Here we explore what to look for when it comes to your windows.

How Old Are Your Windows?

Windows don’t last forever and the older they are the more likely they will need replacing. Most modern installations are designed to last at least 20 years but a lot depends on the structure and design. If you have wooden frames for your windows, for example, they may need replacing sooner. Older windows were built with less longevity in mind so if you have ones that were installed in the 80s or 90s it might be time to upgrade.

Signs of Wear and Tear

If areas of your windows are warped or damaged then it could also be time to replace them. uPVC windows can become discoloured and they might expand in the heat. All this can mean that the integrity of the glazing is affected. The first you will notice is condensation inside the panes which means the seal has been broken. Wooden windows often degrade much more quickly, particularly around the frames.

Your Energy Bills Are High

The first thing you may notice rather than the look of your windows is the fact that your energy bills are starting to rise. This may not just be due to the utility companies putting up their bills but the fact that your double glazing is losing its integrity. Keep track of your fuel bills during the winter and monitor your usage. If you have to keep turning up your thermostat to keep warm, you may well have a problem.

Sounds Are Getting Louder

Today’s modern double glazing is great at keeping outside noise dampened down. If you can hear the rush of traffic on the street and it’s causing you issues, upgrading, particularly at the front of your home, can make a big difference.

Opening and Closing Windows

Slight warping or damage can make it difficult to open and close your windows, whatever their design. This often happens with wooden windows that have then been painted. Homeowners generally do this without any professional thought and the window gets sealed shut by the paint. Changes in your foundations over the years can also tilt the angle of windows slightly so that they become more difficult to open and close.

Having windows that don’t open or close smoothly presents not only a security risk but could also be dangerous if there is an emergency such as a fire and you need to get out of the house.

The Windows Are Draughty or Leaky

Put your hand up against the window frame and if you can feel the cold air from outside, it may be that the seals have broken. Another thing you might notice is water leaking in when it rains. Your option is to either replace the seal or look at a new aluminium window installation.

No Double Glazing

Most houses nowadays have double glazing but not all. If yours is one of the latter then you could be losing a lot of money through higher energy bills.

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