Sliding Doors vs Bi-Fold Doors: Which Are Best?

aluminium sliding patio doors

You have a great patio space or a beautiful garden and you just want to be able to appreciate it more often. Installing glass doors to fill the wall space can help transform your garden area into something stylish and dramatic.

Which should you choose? Sliding doors or bi-fold doors?

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are what we traditionally think of when it comes to patio doors. They slide on a single rail and you can open them up onto the garden and get in and out. They don’t open up the whole of your room, however, and can be the wrong choice if you have limited or a small space. If you want just large panes of glass rather than individual panels, however, aluminium sliding doors are the best solution.

What are Bi-Fold Doors?

Think of a concertina and you’ll have an idea how these work. Basically, there are several panels of glass and they fold back on one another right to the edge of the wall. That means you can slide them to open up your entire living space. You can also choose to have them opening inwards or outwards depending on where you want to maximise space. These types of window suit both small areas and large.

Things to Consider When Installing Patio Doors

The first thing you need to look at is the space where you want to install the doors. If you have a fairly small opening, you certainly will want to consider bi-fold doors simply because they give you more option for opening up any room. Larger areas can take either sliding or bi-fold depending on your personal preference.

Again, however, if you like to have the feeling of more space when you open up the latter is the better option. Bi-fold doors are perfect if you entertain regularly and want to open up an area like the kitchen or dining room.

Security and Bi-Fold Doors

One of the concerns that people have with large glass doors, in general, is the level of security. The truth is that these types of product are highly secure and come with strong, multi-point locks.

Because bi-fold doors have numbers of different panels, people also think these are less secure than slide doors. Again, this is not true. The robust aluminium frames that bi-fold doors are constructed from and the way the panels fit together means you can feel completely secure in your own home.

Maintenance of Bi-Fold Doors

The other issue people often worry about is maintenance and how you clean large patio doors. Bi-fold doors are actually pretty easy to clean. Vacuum the tracks every so often to clear them of debris, especially during the summer when they are more likely to be open/ The glazing can be treated like any other window – you can either do that yourself or get a window cleaner in.

If you are considering upgrading your patio doors or want to install brand new ones in your home to open up something like a garden space, it pays to talk to the professionals. Contact Bi Fold Doors Uk today for a free consultation.

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