The 5 Most Popular Home Improvements That Add Style and Value to Your Property

modern living home plan drawing

Most home owners want to improve their property in some way, either to add space, upgrade the décor or simply to add some value to the home. There are lots of choices out there nowadays and most people want to get it right first time while spending as little money as possible.

Here are the top five improvements that home owners are most likely to consider today:

1. The Garden Conservatory

While a full-blown extension can cost a lot of money and also requires planning permission, installing a conservatory is lot cheaper and, as long as you stay within the rules, doesn’t require council approval.

If you have room in your garden, it’s a great way to improve the amount of space in your home and add some value to your property at the same time. It’s also the perfect place to spend a few hours relaxing or entertaining.

2. Elegant Bi-Fold Doors

Maybe you don’t need more room but simply want to change a particular location so that it looks more attractive. Bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular right across the UK and are great if you want to create a space that has more light and can be opened up during the summer when you want.

It’s certainly a popular choice for areas like dining rooms and kitchens where it can add a new dimension to summer get-togethers and family meals. But that’s not the only place where these doors can be installed – if you have a downstairs bedroom or one that opens up over a balcony they’re a good choice too.

Today’s bifold doors can be tailored to individual spaces and are made from a variety of materials including aluminium, wood and PVC.

3. The Loft Conversion

One of the most popular home improvements in recent years has to be the loft conversion. All that space at the top of the house can go to waste if you simply use it for storage.

This is a big investment, however, and in many locations requires building approval to make sure the installation meets all the latest safety regulations. A full loft conversion can cost in excess of £15,000 but will almost certainly add that equivalent value to your property, if not more. For some growing families, opting for the loft conversion can better than looking for a new home with more rooms.

4. Stylish Garden Landscaping

You don’t have to go overboard when it comes to home improvements. Landscaping your garden can be another option that not only creates a space you can be proud of but will also add value to your home. It’s also something you can do yourself.

A lot, of course, depends on the amount of garden that you have and what you are potentially able to achieve. Going for a specific design such as Japanese style garden or something Nordic have all been popular in recent years.

5. Kitchen Makeover

Finally, the other big home improvement that owners tend to most go for is converting their kitchen. This is generally a busy and social part in any home and one that people take special pride in. Extending or opening up some areas of this space or even just installing new kitchen tops and cupboards can make a big difference.

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