The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

house with new white aluminium windows

When deciding what windows to choose for your home, you may be looking closely at their energy efficiency and the design. You won’t necessarily be thinking about what the frames are made of. There are a number of choices here including uPVC, wood and aluminium. Of course, putting in new windows or an installation like bi-fold doors is a significant investment for most homeowners and not one that is undertaken lightly.

So, finding the right materials at the best cost is important.

Over the last decade or so, aluminium has become a popular choice for a variety of reasons, not least because the technology and the manufacturing processes have improved considerably. Whether you’re having windows put in or bifold doors, they provide a sturdy, attractive frame for any installation.

Slimmer Profiles

If you are installing uPVC, for instance, the frame can certainly seem a little bulkier compared to the latest aluminium ones. The greater strength means that you can have much slimmer profiles which help maximise the view you get from your window. This creates more aesthetically pleasing windows which look great in almost any area of the home, whether you’re fitting the bedroom or putting a skylight in the kitchen.


Aluminium is also more long lasting and durable compared to uPVC. While the latter may be expected to last about 15 to 20 years, aluminium should last between 20 and 30 depending on the installation. It’s not likely to warp like wooden frames and is highly resistant to the outside elements.


What people most want to know is how aluminium frames effect the efficiency of the window or bi-fold door installation. The good news is that this is another aspect that has improved dramatically over the years. For our bifold doors, the aluminium frames we use today incorporate what is called a polyamide thermal barrier which will help keep your interior room nice and warm even during the coldest weather.


The fact that aluminium doors and widows have a slimmer profile than uPVC doesn’t mean they are any less secure. The strong material and toughened glass of our windows mean that you can be sure you’re home is protected at all times. With multi-locking points they meat all the security standards expected into todays construction industry.

Environmental Issues

There can be problems when looking to recycle materials like uPVC but there is no such issue with aluminium windows. If being eco-friendly is a priority for you, then aluminium windows are 100% recyclable. There is a fairly minimal carbon footprint used in manufacturing that adds to the sustainability.

Finally, the range of different colours that you get for aluminium door and window frames make it one of the most flexible design choices on the market today. Our Visoglide sliding doors, for example, can be ordered in several different powder coated colours and finishes, all with a 25 year guarantee. They’re easy to maintain and clean and can be tailored to fit practically any space.

Whether you’re looking for new windows, a skylight or a great set of bifold doors, contact us today to find out more.

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