The Big Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular over the last few years and can be seen in many homes across the UK. If you want a to add a stunning focal point to your property, whether it’s the kitchen, dining room, living room or kitchen, there are plenty of benefits for this type of installation.

Here we take a closer look at the advantages of bi-fold doors and why you should be considering them for your next home design project.

1. Lots of Natural Light

The first thing about bi-fold doors is that they brighten up a space and allow in large amounts of light. If you have a normally dark room, you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised how you can suddenly transform it with all that extra light.

2. Opening Up Your House

Most people who have bi-fold doors installed do so because they want to open up an area of the home to the sun on a summer’s day. You might have a beautiful garden space and want to make the most of it by enlarging the dining room when you have guests round. You may have a bedroom with a balcony and want to spend your Sunday morning feeling the fresh breeze from outside on your face as you read the papers or have your breakfast.

Unlike conventional sliding doors, bi-fold ones give you much more opportunity to open your living space all the way and create a really dynamic effect.

3. They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Because they basically concertina back on each other, the door panels take up little space once they are properly pulled back. Sliding doors tend to have issues with the size of the opening and are normally only suitable for larger walls. Not so with bi-fold doors, these fit practically any size opening and can be tailored to meet your needs exactly.

4. They’re Flexible

If you don’t want to open the doors all the way, you don’t have to. You can pull one panel open and leave the others closed, depending on your mood. Great if you want the fresh air but also some privacy.

5. Great Security

Today’s hi-tech bi-fold doors are built with security in mind. They conform to high EU standards (even after Brexit) and have multiple locking points that make them really secure. The doors are easy to slide shut and the instant you turn the lock you can feel how rigid and strong the structure is.

6. Maintaining Your Doors

When having any form of sliding or bi-fold doors installed, one of the biggest concerns is maintenance. Most installations come with a lengthy guarantee and warranty and cleaning usually just means keeping the tracks clear of debris. The panes themselves can be cleaned as any normal windows and the frames are built to resist the worst weather conditions.

If you are thinking of having bi-fold doors installed in your home, book an appointment with the experienced team at Bi Fold Doors UK. We’ll give you a free assessment and quote and help you find the design that works for you.

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