Things to Consider When Adding Bi Fold Doors to Your Room

Bi Fold Doors Visofold 1000 in Ashford Kent

Bi-fold doors are nearly always the best choice for creating a spacious feel to a room, but to make the very best of this it usually pays to spend some time exploring the many options that are available to you. Bifold doors are an investment that will add real value to your home, and you will no doubt want to make the very best of the opportunity.

Some important design considerations include:

Number of panels – there are advantages and disadvantages to maximizing the number of bifold door panels in your design. As the panels fold up like a concertina when open, the more panels you choose the greater space the folded panels will occupy. Do you choose a smaller number of larger panels or a larger number of smaller panels? Get some squared paper and sketch out the options.

Traffic door – do you wish to include a traffic door? If you choose not to have a traffic door, then you won’t be able to enter through the bifold doors from the outside when they are locked. If you have an alternative door, for instance a kitchen door, this might not matter, but if you don’t, then not having one could prove to become a big inconvenience.

Designing for an L shaped room – if your room is L shaped an exciting possibility might be to use two sets of bifold doors across the L shape, creating two perpendicular open areas. While some designs include a central supporting column, other cantilevered designs are possible so that the open spaces merge into a single space with no central column.

Materials, colour and finish

Available in uPVC, timber and aluminium frames, bifold doors can be made to suit your budget and design aspirations. uPVC is usually the lowest cost option, but it still looks great, provides excellent thermal insulation, and is hard wearing, requiring very little maintenance. For some people, the elegance of timber bifold doors is impossible to beat. In terms of thermal performance, it can be the best choice of all. Aluminium bifold doors with their smaller frames and abundant glass provide a stylish alternative that creates a contemporary modern look.

There are also colour and finish options for all these alternative materials. uPVC bifold doors no longer need to be white, a wide range of colours and textured finished are available. The same goes for aluminium doors which have a choice of over 200 colour options. Similarly, a wide range of finishes and paint colours are available for timber bifold doors.

Bi Fold Door Installation and fitting

If you are skilled at DIY then you might choose to fit your bifold doors yourself. While fitting instructions are always provided, it does require a reasonable amount of skill and experience to make a perfect job; anything less than perfect and your enjoyment might be compromised. We always recommend using the services of a skilled fitter; we really do believe that its worth the extra expense. We have a team of skilled fitters across the country who always do a perfect job.

Other alternatives

Perhaps after looking more deeply you have decided that bifold doors aren’t the solution for your home. If this is the case have you considered the alternatives, for instance sliding patio doors might provide the solution and French doors always add a touch of elegance? It is an important decision, so take your time to make the right one.


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