Things to Think About Before Installing Bifold Doors

corner bi fold doors dark grey

There’s no doubt that bifold doors can make any space look more spacious and allow in plenty of light. They can also add value to your home for a relatively small outlay.

But what are the main things you need to consider before you make that investment?

Here’s our quick guide:

Is Your Room Suitable?

While they can look absolutely fantastic, bifold doors don’t suit all spaces. Ideally, you want the doors looking out onto an area like a garden – if there’s a great view beyond all the better. The other thing you need to consider is what you are going to be using that room for. If you have a large dining area, for example, it could be ideal for opening up during the spring and summer. Perhaps you have a ground floor bedroom that you want to add a new dimension to.

The other thing to consider is how big you want your bifold door installation to be. It might cover just one wall or you may have two walls in an l-shaped arrangement. If you’re replacing a standard window or door, you’re probably going to have to open up the wall which means you have to consider the structure of your building and what the effect is going to be.

What Materials And Finish?

The next aspect to consider is what sort of materials your bifold doors are going to be made out of. There are plenty of choices nowadays including wood, aluminium and PVC. The reason we opt for aluminium frames at Bi Fold Doors UK is that they have a number of benefits:

  • The range of installations you can carry out are much wider than, say, with wooden frames.
  • The reliability and durability of aluminium means we can offer long guarantees for our installations.
  • You can determine the size and number of folding panels, which you can’t generally do with wood to such a great degree.
  • The maintenance is easy and the latest designs are easy to open and close.

Of course, one of the other things you’ll want to consider is security. You should be looking for bifold doors that not only have protective glass but also multiple point locks and high quality, EU standard main locks.

Who is Going to Fit Your Doors?

With so much to think about when it comes to putting in bifold doors, it’s usually a good idea to get someone in who knows what they’re talking about. We can tailor your doors to fit any space, in a style and colour that you want. That’s what we do best.

But you really need to have a professional to install them on your property. And it pays to shop around and get a number of quotes before you settle on the right person to do it for you.

Ordering Bespoke Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK and if you have a space where they’ll look fantastic, it’s certainly an option to consider. At Bi Fold Doors UK, we make doors to size and exact specifications, supplying orders within a period of two to three weeks.

If you need Doors or Windows, we can get them to you. Just ask.