What Impacts on the Cost of Bi-Fold Doors?

When you decide to open up a room to your back garden, one of the main options you’re faced with will be to install bi-fold doors. These are panels of toughened glass, surrounded by a strong frame, that open in a concertina action.

The benefits over standard patio doors is that you can create a more open space. They are  great if you want to relax on a summer’s day or entertain people in your garden while having full access to the dining room or kitchen.

Today’s bifold doors are really well manufactured and come in a wide range of materials and designs. They’re low maintenance and a pretty good option for any size home.

But what factors impact on the cost of your doors? We take a closer look:

  • Bi-fold doors can vary in cost in a variety of ways. The number of different panels you have, the size of your opening and whether you want blinds included can all determine how much you are likely to pay.
  • While cost is going to be important when deciding what you want with your bi-fold doors, you shouldn’t make it the only criteria.

The first issue that determines the cost of your doors is the material the frames are made of. You have a variety of choices but the two main ones are uPVC and aluminium. There are wood varieties available but these require a good deal of ongoing maintenance.

If your budget is fairly tight, the cost effective option is uPVC. The good news is that these kinds of frame have become more slimline in recent years, though they do have their own restrictions in design aesthetics when it comes to uPVC.

If you want greater design flexibility, then aluminium frames are certainly an option you should consider. Lighter and thinner than uPVC, you get less bulky framework and more glass which is something that appeals to many homeowners. It is slightly more expensive, however, but you can expect a durable and long lasting installation that will compliment your home for many years to come.

Design is a big issue when it comes to cost. Bi-fold doors are split into separate leaves and how many you have will determine the final price. The good news is that installing bi-fold doors can open up at least 90% of your space which is what attracts many people in the first place. If you have a large opening, however, it can mean you need up to seven leaves which can affect the price. That cost will also depend on the slide mechanism as well as the difficulty or ease of installation.

You can choose to add some extras to your bi-fold doors including the type of locking mechanism and opting for toughened glass over standard double glazing. Some bi-fold doors come with integrated blinds which fit in the gap between the double glazed panels.

Our advice is start with a list of the things that you ideally want to see with your bi-fold doors. It’s worth paying that little extra to get what you want and shopping around with different suppliers. After all, this is an investment that is expected to last at least the next 20 years.

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