Why Our Homes Need Views to the Outside

Most of us will have heard that spending time outside is good for our mental and physical well-being, and many would be aware that the presence of plant life in offices has proven to increase productivity. But what you may not have realised is that basic visual contact with the outdoors – the sort you gain through BiFold Doors – can improve not only our productivity and natural contact with the environment, but have genuine positive impacts on our health. Tired of looking at the wall? Turns out you’re not the only one.

Disregarding the obvious aesthetic gains, the all-round benefit of an outdoor view cannot be disputed. For example, patients in hospital rooms that had views of trees, according to researches in America, tended to have shorter lengths of stay, required a smaller amount of pain killers, and had more positive rankings in the notes of nurses than those of patients who looked at bricks all day. Other studies have revealed that just a little viewing of nature can increase memory performance and attention spans, and even that employees are less likely to take days off work.

Traditionally, our houses have been built to insulate us from the outside world – and for good reason. This helps keep the heat in or, if you’re lucky enough to live near the Equator, keep the heat out. With initial buildings plain stone walls presumably brought with them a sense of security that a simple pane of glass didn’t.

Gradually we began to realise that this disconnection from nature was both unhealthy and unbearable, and there came a desire to regain access to that which we had lost. The obvious solution seemed to be to bring the outdoors in, and so indoor plants became the norm. Despite the often-demanding upkeep required, they have remained a steadfast inclusion in modern design. And deservedly so.

Nowadays, however, our choice is not so restricted, and there are suddenly ways in which we can combine insulation and security with aesthetic design and outdoor viewing. A big, warm welcome then to Bi Fold Doors UK!

It is no surprise that folding glass doors have become an absolute necessity in today’s modern home. There are countless benefits to be had that go past what we’ve discussed above. Connect us with nature? Tick. Increase mental and physical wellbeing? Tick. Look great? Tick. But they also tie together both an air of effortless elegance with energy efficiency, creating a bond between insulation and energy-free lighting.

BiFold Doors are not a passing fad. They are a signal of the evolution of modern home design, factoring in an understanding of our connection with nature with the need to incorporate climate-friendly elements into our lives.

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