Why Your House Needs BiFold Doors

In our previous blogs we’ve discussed what it is about the BiFold Doors concept that is so appealing to homeowners and designers. We’ve talked aesthetics, natural lighting, energy efficiency and modernism. It’s now time we looked at a practical use in how they affect your social life.

Bringing entertainment to your home

One of the joys of life is entertainment. That might come in the form of enjoying existential factors, or entertaining guests. In the case of the latter, one of the most important aspects we find in these occasions is the effective use of space and movement.

Let us take as an example a regular dinner hosted by new homeowners. Their place has a small back courtyard visible only through the small window in the back door.

This is a fairly normal setting; dining table positioned along one of the walls, open kitchen opposite, and a wall on three sides. The problem is that the room provides a feeling of constraint, with a lack of space and views outside detracting from what should be an enjoyable evening.

Now, as a contrast, picture the same couple in the same house, but having just replaced the back door and solid wall with BiFold Doors. This creates open viewing into the decorated courtyard, where ambient light features draw the guests away from the small room and into the fresh air.

This feeling of openness, freedom and connection with outside only helps to enhance the atmosphere created during nights in with friends. Indeed, it can create a similar feeling when you manage to find a quiet evening to yourself!

What homes can learn from retreats

It’s not just households that are discovering the ability for BiFold Doors to enhance a building’s effect. Many wineries and holiday retreats are now not only utilising the versatility and beauty of these moving walls – they’re actively marketing them.

Take for example Wild Edge Retreat in Australia, who make a main note on their site and in the gallery of how an innovative use of folding doors have added to their Spa Rooms.

As with all developments in innovation and design, there is always space for different fields to learn from each other. Homeowners can embrace BiFold Doors with the comforting knowledge that these additions do wonders on buildings of all shapes and sizes, and will be a perfect fit for your home – no matter the purpose.

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