inside view of green living room with traditional white patio doors

Patio Or Bi-Fold Doors? Our Quick Buying Guide

There’s nothing better than being able to open up a room to the outside. It creates a unique space that is both great for relaxing hot summer days and for entertaining. If you have decking or a patio, there are normally two choices available when it comes to large, glass doors – pull back patio or bi-fold doors.

house extension decking bifold doors

A Beginner’s Guide to Bi-fold Doors

There are plenty of ways to add elegance and value to your home, from converting a spare room to putting in a conservatory. One way to bring more than a little style to areas like the back garden is to install bifold doors. These are perfect on hot summer days, when you want to entertain, or simply when you want to sit under cover and relax with a book or two in the open air.

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