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With aluminium bifold doors, you get a full view of your garden or the stunning landscape beyond with no obstructions. You can choose doors with between 2 and 7+ panes, with a maximum width of 7,200mm.

Aluminium bi-folding doors

The newest addition to our portfolio is the aluminium folding doors. These cutting-edge bi-folding sliding doors are developed from aluminium and rapidly emerging as a preferred choice for discerning homeowners and construction companies. The most popular colour option is the anthracite grey aluminium bifold door – this is very much on-trend for modern property development and home design.

Aluminium bi-folding doors incorporate a narrow central sightline of just 132mm, unlike their UPVC counterparts. This means aluminium bifold doors have a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that you won’t find elsewhere. You can order white aluminium bifold doors with rapid turnaround times – simply select ‘aluminium’ for the material in your search and start customising your bespoke bifold doors.

In addition to supplying the products, we also carry out the initial survey and install your doors as well.

Let us guide you through every stage and ensure you get the best deal on high-quality aluminium bifold doors.

aluminium bi fold doors

Let the outside in with beautiful aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium bifold patio doors do something that no other door can do. They provide unobstructed views of your garden and make the transition between the indoors and the outdoors completely seamless. They are the ideal choice for enhancing your home’s functionality without making any major changes to its structure.

Living environments always benefit from a feeling of brightness and space, and this is achieved organically by allowing more natural light in. Our highly secure aluminium doors have style in abundance, tailor-made for your requirements and measured to perfection.

We offer a range of versatile opening options and our frames are getting slimmer with each passing year. Your aluminium bifold doors operate smoothly and flawlessly, providing a simple access point for both entry and exit. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it – check out what other customers have to say about our aluminium bifold doors.

Visofold 1000 Aluminium Bifold Doors

These affordable quality aluminium frame doors have been designed to use the maximum amount of glass with the result that they provide panoramic views and flood your living space with natural light. If your room is currently a little bland and dingy, Visofold 1000 aluminium bi-folding doors will transform it into bright inviting modern space, perfect for living in and entertaining.

Our Visofold 1000 aluminium bifold doors won’t let you down. We use only high quality hardware which provides an easy smooth sliding action that will be retained for many years to come. These bifolds are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including textured paint, selected to add to the style of your home. When open, over 90% of the open area is clear; ideal for making your garden part of your living space.

Aluminium bifold doors style, colour and size ranges

Every living space is unique and personal, so we allow you to customise your state-of-the-art aluminium bifold doors. We have a wide range of options for:

  • Styles
  • Colours
  • Size

We are committed to delivering on your precise size requirements, with a broad range of bifold doors sizes on offer. This includes standard 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m sizes as well as custom sizes for your convenience.

In terms of style, you can choose bifold doors with anything from 2-7 panels. We also offer a diverse range of colours for every aluminium bifold door, enabling you to make them truly your own.

The on-trend colour for the modern home is anthracite grey (RAL 7016) but we understand that not everyone wishes to follow the crowd. There are neutral colour options like black or white aluminium bifold doors, or you can even choose brown frames for a more natural look. We are certain that you will find a colour from our range that matches the decor of your home.

Our slimline aluminium bifold doors are perfectly suited to both modern and traditional homes. The finish is consistently sleek and stylish, and we even offer dual colour options so that the exterior and interior frames are different colours. This allows for greater flexibility, as the inside and outside of your home may not utilise the same colour scheme.

Powder-coated aluminium bi-fold doors

With the highest standards of manufacturing at every turn, our cutting-edge powder coated aluminium bifold doors will effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your home.

The process of powder coating involves coating the aluminium surface with a powdered polymer before ‘baking’ it on using heat. The result is a perfectly smooth and incredibly durable finish that also improves the weather-proofing of the material underneath. With this coating, the lifespan of your exterior bifold doors will be extended and the aesthetic will be optimised for the perfect combination of style and substance.

The process of powder coating has gained significant traction in the industry. It offers unparalleled protection against weather and everyday wear and tear, and is an aesthetic match for any other process out there.

Get in touch to learn more about our complete range of powder coated aluminium bifold doors.

Triple glazed aluminium bifold doors

With triple glazed panes on our aluminium bifold doors, you will experience superior thermal and acoustic performance. These are essential qualities for the modern home, so we have gone all out to deliver the highest quality.

This means our bifold doors go far beyond looking great and lasting for the long haul. Their energy efficiency is top-of-the-range, so they help reduce your carbon footprint, keep your energy bills to a minimum and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the year.

With a reputation for long-term performance and maximum durability, our bespoke triple glazed aluminium bifold doors come with the options to customise size, style and colour. This empowers you to create the perfect aluminium bifold doors for your unique living space.

So whether you have a vision of white bifold doors, black bifold doors, or anything in-between, our portfolio is sure to have exactly what you need.

Slimline aluminium bi fold doors

A slimline design for aluminium bifold doors is the best way to craft a bright and inviting doorway to your home. Utilising low-density metal in an extremely narrow frame, our slimline bifold doors make no compromises on strength or durability. Get maximum visual appeal without sacrificing any security or longevity in your doors.

Our ultra-slim aluminium bifold doors can be designed, manufactured and installed with your precise specifications in mind. Tailor them to complement both your interior and exterior décor for a distinctly personal look.

The great thing about bifold doors is their ability to allow unimpeded access to your garden, with maximum visibility for the most striking views even when the doors are closed. These slimline bifold doors can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and colours, giving you the versatility you need to make them work for your home.

Enquire today to find out more about our complete range of contemporary aluminium doors.

Made to measure and tailored to your requirements

One of the greatest benefits of aluminium external doors is how easily they can be customised to match the needs of your property.

You will be impressed by the choice on offer in terms of style, size and colour. We manufacture our bespoke products on-site in our purpose-built bifold door factory, and they are built to be installed with your personal requirements in mind.

We assemble your bifold doors with a focus on security, flexibility and flawless functionality. There will be no compromise on the aesthetic appeal, with every door made to measure and offered with a choice of internal and external security handles. You also get a range of glazing options to ensure the pane you receive meets your requirements.

Whether you plan to level up your extension with some bifold doors or even have a bifold garage door installed, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and learn all you need to know about our bespoke, made to measure aluminium bifold doors for UK customers.

The complete package of security, energy efficiency and longevity

Conjuring a stunning focal point in any modern home, our external bifold doors every compromise on security, durability or efficiency.

We include a 10-year, insurance-backed guarantee with every product. We also incorporate a highly secure shoot bolt locking system in a concealed track, meaning our aluminium bifold doors deliver maximum security.

The durability of every aspect of our doors is assured, and they are internally glazed to ensure security is as high as it can be. The toughened Argon-filled glass is incredibly robust and also extremely efficient at insulating against heat loss.

Swift delivery for your affordable aluminium bifold doors

Please note that some of the profile colours we offer are not stocked, so they must be made at the point of order. If you choose these colours, the delivery time can be approximately 4 weeks. Read our detailed guide to delivery times to get an idea of how long your doors will take to arrive.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding choice. value and speed without ever sacrificing quality. Our world-class aluminium doors are manufactured to the highest possible standards and though we prioritise quality, we also aim to make our aluminium bifold doors affordable and cost-effective. We are among the UK’s most trusted, experienced suppliers of aluminium bifold doors. We aim to exceed expectations at every turn, ensuring your needs are met at a competitive price every time.

To arrange a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch today. You will find that our friendly, experienced team is ready to answer your questions and get the ball rolling when you’re ready. Simply let us know what you’re after and we’ll get to work on showing you how it can be a reality.

Visofold 1000 light grey aluminium bifold doors


  • Low weather rated thresholds are available.
  • Slim aluminium profiles with polyamide thermal break.
  • High security shoots bolts – all intermediate panels have high security shoot bolts to retain the doors in place.
  • Each intermediate panel features an internal pendulum handle for outside access.
  • High security multi-point locks are standard. These include hook locks for extra security.
  • State of art PAS-24 Secured by Design certified s locking cylinders are used for advanced security.
  • Better than Building Regulations requirements performance on all our doors.
  • Quality steel bogie wheel assemblies and tracks provide smooth easy opening and closing and perfect operation.
  • Colour matched aluminium quad trim is available.


Visofold 1000 Bi-folding Doors come with a polyester powder-coat paint which is baked onto the aluminium. This means that it will last and look just as good in years to come as it does on installation. All it needs is an occasional wipe down with a sponge. The finish is guaranteed for ten years.

These bi-folding doors are available in white, our extensive colour range, and textured and structural finishes including wood, metallic, and silver anodised. There are over 200 finishes to choose from and you can even select the dual colour option with different colours on the outside and internally.

RAL colours swatch


There is a wide range of glass options. Standard double glazed units incorporate toughened Low-E safety glass sealed units. These are 90% argon gas filled and have a warm edge spacer-bar. The U-value is 1.2 W/M²K.

Doors can be supplied unglazed allowing you to source your glass from another supplier. Bear in mind that you will need to comply with building Regulations if you choose this option.

Staycool Solar Glazing

We can now fit Staycool solar glazing to all our aluminium sliding and folding doors. Not only does this protect you from direct heat from the sun and reflects glare, in the winter it provides you with the benefits of a 1.1 U-value thus maximising the amount of heat that is retained.

This leading edge glass technology reflects over half (57%) of direct solar heat and reduces glare by 35%. This is achieved without using coloured glass, a major benefit. It also means that your furnishings and flooring will enjoy increased protection from discolouration and fading.

Better than Regulations U-value

Current regulations stipulate a maximum U-value of 1.8, but our Staycool double glazing units beat this by a considerable margin. In fact measurements have shown that our double glazing units achieve U-values of 1.5. Note that the overall U-value of the bifold doors depends on a number of factors other than the double glazing units.

We are also able to achieve even better U-values with optional glazing specifications. For instance we can offer triple glazing and Krypton glass. These incur additional cost, so please contact us for prices.


Security is important, and we take security design seriously. Our doors are designed to give you the level of security we believe you deserve and we always strive to better standard security requirements.

Our security features include:

bi-fold doors security features

This is used as standard for traffic doors, which need to be highly secure. The mechanism has six locking points and is activated by a lever-lever handle. There are two deep throw hook locks which engage into the outer frame. These prevent the door from being pulled open when the intermediate shoot bolts aren’t engaged. Additionally there are a standard latch and a dead bolt. Adjustable rollers ensure that the doors are pulled in tightly for good weathering performance.

For arrangements that have double traffic doors, these are configured as a master door and a slave door. The master door locks as described above, with the slave door having additional top and bottom shoot bolts that are engaged by a pendulum handle.

The weakest part of traditional locking systems is the cylinder. This is vulnerable to picking, bumping, and drilling as routinely practiced by burglars. However our high security cylinders use state of art technology that is resistant to these. They have passed the PAS024 test stipulated by BSI & Secured by Design.

The intermediate handles can be locked by a key. This serves the same function as window locks, adding an additional layer of security. All intermediate handles can use the same key, though a separate key is needed for traffic doors.

These secure the door at the top and bottom of the intermediate panels. They are operated by the pendulum handle. They are chamfered for ease of use and give a very tight fit which protects against forced entry while providing excellent weather performance.

Fitted to the top and bottom of the outer frame channel, these provide increased security and consistent operation. They protect against forced entry using a jemmy or crowbar as they eliminate any possible leverage point. They also help maintain smooth operation of your doors.

Our standard glazing is toughened safety glass and sealed units are installed internally. We use high security beading to provide additional security. As the sealed units can only be removed internally, they are secure against forced entry from outside.

We are also able to supply 6 mm laminated glass units for additional security as an optional extra.


There are a number of handle options for traffic doors and intermediate doors. These include our Pendulum and Pendulum Nouveau handles which are available for intermediate panels and traffic doors. There is also the option for outside access which removes the requirement for a traffic door.

Handles are available in a range of colours.

Traffic Door Handle

For configurations that include a traffic door you can choose a lever-lever handle. Functional and easy to use, these give easy access. They include high security locking cylinders and multi-point locking.

Intermediate Door Handles

Intermediate panels feature our Pendulum handle. This classic design is sleek and elegant. You can also choose the Pendulum handle for traffic doors. It is sufficiently strong and robust for opening and closing the doors on its own, eliminating the need for extra D-handles. Locking action is provided by shoot bolts and the handles are locked using a key.

Visofold 1000 bifold doors handles
Visofold 1000 door handles

Optional D-Handles

D-handles are optional. Fitted to the inside of doors they make pulling and sliding easier by providing a strong hand hold. While not necessary, some people will find them beneficial. They fit at the position of the hinge.

Hinges & Bogie Wheel Assemblies

The doors incorporate four wheel bogie assemblies. These move on twin stainless steel tracks; the combination providing graceful and easy and opening and closing. The full weight of the doors is supported giving a beautiful sliding action.

Additional security and stability is provided by a dedicated guide running inside the outer frame.

Traffic Door Buffer Magnets

There is the option to fit high strength buffer magnets to traffic doors. These secure the doors to the adjacent intermediate panel keeping them open. It also stops the traffic door handles hitting the intermediate panels.

Visofold 1000 hinges and bogie wheel


Bifold Doors Configurations

BiFold Doors UK configurations
Minimum Door Width (incl outerframe) 1650mm
Maximum Door Width (incl outerframe) 7200mm*
Minimum sash width 750mm
Maximum sash width 1200mm
Maximum sash weight 100kg
Maximum Door Height 2500mm**

*Doors are available wider than 6 metres on request.
**Maximum height dependant on installation location.

U Value 1.5W/m²K using 1.0 W/m²K
Air Class 4, 600Pa
Class E, 750Pa Class E, 750Pa
Wind Class 4, 1800Pa
Document L Compliant Yes
BS 6375-1:2009 Yes

Weather Rating

The required weather performance of windows and doors is stipulated by BS 6375: Part 1: 2009. Our bi-folding doors comply with all aspects of these regulations including wind resistance, water tightness, and permeability. We are able to provide a copy of the test results on request.


Bifold door sightlines

Bifold door sightlines are the width of the frame, and modern construction methods and materials have allowed us to reduce the sightlines to provide an improved look and feeling of space. The sightline of panels that move in the same direction is just 132 mm, and in the case of a traffic door meeting a folding sliding panel it is just 179 mm. Where there are connected meeting stiles the sightline is 216 mm.

Integrated Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are small openings in doors and windows that permit a limited amount of ventilation of the space when the doors and windows are closed. These are now compulsory throughout UK and Europe for all naturally ventilated spaces. Their benefits include a reduced risk of condensation, minimum ventilation to reduce heat loss, and the avoidance of drafts.

Trickle vents are mounted on the surface of thin aluminium bifold doors, and although they provide many benefits the downside is they are unappealing aesthetically. However by clever design we can now offer an exclusive frame extender to our Visofold 1000 bifold doors which conceals the trickle vents from view. The effect is that the slim lines of our folding sliding doors are maintained. The door design includes a weather drip which improves overall performance.

Visofold 1000 integrated trickle vents on bifold doors
bi-fold doors restaurant
dark grey Visofold 1000 corner bi fold doors with fixed screen for kitchen extension in London

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