At Bi Fold Doors UK, we offer the supply and fitting of a huge range of residential aluminium front doors.

One of the more popular items is the Aluminium Entrance Door, providing strength and durability.

Why go Aluminium?

Aluminium front doors are not only strong and sturdy – they’re resistant to corrosion which means they’ll last for an age. We also thermally break our door frames, meaning their thermal resistance is greatly increased. That means less heat loss for your home, and limited condensation. We offer a 10-year guarantee meaning when we say they’ll deliver, you can be confident they’ll deliver. Our Aluminium front doors also come in thousands of different colours, so you can choose the door to suit your home!

What does Aluminium look like?

Think slim and elegant. Aluminium entrance doors are so popular because of their subtle beauty compared to stockier options, and come with a power-coated finish of high-quality. Fantastic for fronting modern homes, or for letting more light in to older ones.

aluminium front doors

Have questions?

Our dedicated Bi Fold Doors UK experts are ready on hand to answer your calls and emails, so get in touch with any queries or concerns about what it takes to add Aluminium front doors to your home!

Learn more

There’s a lot of information to get through when choosing back and front doors. If you’re less of a ‘call now’ person, and more of an ‘I’ll look myself’, head through to our dedicated Aluminium Entrance Doors pages below for full information about the marvellous doors and to browse the range.

Designer Aluminium Front Doors

Aluminium Front Doors by BiFold Doors UK have been designed, tested and installed for years by the nation’s leading professionals in the bifold industry. Need security? Look no further. Need durability? Aluminium’s for you. Want it to fit? No problem we have a full colour range to choose from!

Where to start?

Because our Aluminium front doors are so customisable, the choices you make will impact how it aids the feel of your property. The fittings that come as standard are of the highest quality, and you can read more about the security and strength below. But keep in mind that the colour is all your choice, and the decision you make on glazing will also have a big say in the appearance of your entrance doors.

aluminium front door features

Aluminium Entrance Doors you can rely on

The real beauty of Aluminium doors lies behind the stunning coats of paint and glazing. With massive adjustable hinges that can take 80kg of pressure, and triple-glazed, laminated glass of 66mm, our specially-designed and test doors are reliable, strong and resistant to corroding. They can withstand any weather the UK can throw at them.

Why are we so confident in our Aluminium Entrance doors?

  • Max weather protection thanks to double-rebated EPDM centre-gaskets
  • Polyamide thermal barriers enhance the thermal performance, minimising heat loss
  • Triple glazing with lamination for strong glass with silent rooms
  • Adjustable hinges with huge pressure range
  • ‘U’ value between 0.9 and 1.1 W/m2K, showing extreme thermal efficiency.

Aluminium Front Doors you can trust

A leading concern amongst our customers is the safety of their home and loved ones. Our Aluminium doors come with high-security 10-point locking systems and hardened stainless steel. You’re also protected against lock picking and tampering through industry-leading technology.

smart front door security

Our security system includes:

  • Conical-shaped locking pins at top and bottom for efficient easy of closing
  • 10-point, high-grade locking security
  • Cross groove within horizontal key port can align only with the 10-point spring-loaded pin pairs
  • Hinges and locks are all adjustable for customisation
  • Laser-cut key profiles avoid unauthorized key use
  • Hardened stainless steel pins provide protection against lock-picking

Aluminium Front Doors with a finish that YOU can choose

We have a huge range of doors for you to choose from. Have something in mind? We’re confident you can find what you’re after. Can’t see it? Let us know and we’ll help you out! From Victorian and Edwardian through to simple, clean 21st-Century Scandinavian art, whatever your home needs, we can deliver with unrivalled beauty and unparalleled strength.

If you need Doors or Windows, we can get them to you. Just ask.