Aluminium windows can offer many advantages, and when it comes to installing them in your home, they can last for years. They’re strong and durable, and like other types of windows, they won’t rust either. If you’re looking to replace your windows in London, then here are some benefits and key factors that are worth knowing about these types of windows.

Aluminium Windows

Making sure you have a home that’s performing efficiently is important and your windows play a big part in that. You want to have ones that are going to be thermally beneficial but also look appealing to the eye. They need to be able to fit well with the rest of the home both externally and internally. They’re a great way to help replace any old timber frames or older designs that might have become worn or tired.

There are lots of different styles that can be ordered, and we have an expansive range from sash windows to tilt and turn windows. We work with plenty of industry-leading brands and can, therefore, supply a variety of window designs to suit the property you’re in. We realise that every property is different and so it’s important to have as much versatility as possible when it comes to designs and functionality.

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Types Of Aluminium Windows We Supply and Fit in London

Our aluminium windows require very little maintenance, and you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time for many years. It’s one of the most sustainable of building materials, and more importantly, it’s friendly on the environment. They can be coloured with a range of RAL colours in order to get ones that match perfectly to your exteriors and interiors. These colours are baked on with a polyester powder coating, which will help make sure that it won’t fade or flake over time.

No matter how long you have them for, those colours should be permanent. When you have the powder-coated option, you can guarantee these will be finished to the highest standards, and we’ll ensure quality control to ensure quality doesn’t slip. With a range of windows to choose from, here is a break down on what’s on offer. Whatever your requirements are, we can meet them.

Aluminium Casement Windows

Casement windows are the traditional way that window systems would open. This would be where the opening window (lights) are connected to the frames with hinges. These hinges are mounted on the sides or at the top of the window frame. There’s also a combination to have both if necessary.

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Steel Replacement Windows

With period properties, you are likely to have many steel-framed windows because, during those times, that was the particular material that was of popular use. Although they can add great character to the property, they do pose problems that you might want to address at some point. We’ve got steel replacement windows that help retain the overall look and appearance of traditional Crittall steel windows. However, they are super slim and provide your home with the right amount of thermal efficiency that you’re after.

Curved Aluminium Windows & Gables

Using computer-controlled bending machines, these windows allow us to create different shapes that help adapt to the structure of the property. Whether it’s in the form of an arch, circle, D shapes, and more, these bespoke designs make it easy to meet any client’s requirements when it comes to windows.

Aluminium Sash Windows

With sash windows, you have vertical sliding sections, which are referred to as the sashes, and these are counterbalanced with weights. Timber sash windows tend to warp or cause draughts, where aluminium versions can help provide high thermal efficiency and also require very low maintenance.

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

These are the perfect solution for those in a high-rise building because they can be cleaned from the inside. That means that you don’t need to necessarily get a window cleaner out, especially in properties that are leasehold and perhaps only get done once a year.

Aluminium Horizontal Sliding Windows

With overlapping sliding sashes that move horizontally, they’re the ideal solution when there might be an obstruction. It’s also a good option for something like a serving hatch if you wanted to have one in your home.

With all our types that are available, we work hard to bring value and quality to all our customer’s needs and wants.

Windows That Are Practical And Aesthetically Pleasing

With many households nowadays, anything that exists in the home needs to have that contemporary feel in regards to its functionality and ease of use. Our slimline aluminium windows will allow the maximum light to filter into your home, which is essential for creating the right atmosphere and ambiance in your property.

If you’re looking to enhance your home with durable aluminium windows and doors or you are wanting to replace tired and worn ones, then we can certainly help provide those for you.

Why Should You Pick Our Aluminium Windows For Your Home?

So why pick us? Well, we work with the very best manufacturers and brands in the industry that will always assure you are getting quality in your windows. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary property, we have a range of designs and shapes to suit your property without having to do any further work in order to make them fit. From classic designs to the more bespoke options, we have everything you need and in every colour imaginable.

From the locks that have been designed to ensure security for your home to the guarantee that we have on all our products, you can have peace of mind knowing that the windows you buy from us are some of the best that you can get on the market. The list is endless when it comes to the designs and features that are available with our windows. There is also a range of options available to help really get the most out of your windows when it comes to fitting them.

All our aluminium windows come with a professional service and the guidance you need when it comes to making a purchase. We can help you with measurements and ensuring you are fitting it properly to your property. We pride ourselves on the services we give to our existing customers and who’ve all had a positive experience.

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What Are The Advantages Of Aluminium Windows?

As mentioned above, there are some thermally-beneficial opportunities that come with aluminium windows. They are certainly more aesthetically appealing and will last a lot longer than other windows made out of different materials. That makes them more cost-effective, and you’ll have to spend less on having to replace them every time they become worn and tired. With various different styles available for our customers to pick from, we have an expansive range where you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Aluminium windows have been extremely popular over the years for many reasons and mainly so for its efficiency when it comes to your energy usage as a household. They’re highly durable, and you know that you’re going to get a lot of flexibility when it comes to helping design your windows. Their lifespan is up to 45 years, which is a great investment for anyone who is in their home in the long run.

Explore The Aluminium Windows And Doors Online Today!

With our aluminium windows and doors available, you can choose from a wide choice of designs by looking through our existing gallery online. We want to be able to give you a clear idea of what’s available and what we’ve created in the past for previous, satisfied customers. You can choose a style that’s customised to your property.

Having a customised service means that you can tailor the style and fit, as well as the colour and even the type of glass design used. With having customising options available, it means you can have windows that are tailored specifically with both your exterior and interiors in mind. You can drop us a call or email to find out more about the ranges we have available.

Are Slimline Aluminium Windows The Best For Energy-Efficiency?

With slimline aluminium windows, they’re extremely energy-efficient, and they’re also some of the best on the market. They ensure your home stays warm and snug all year round. Even during the coldest of winters that the UK has to offer, you’ll soon see just how effective your windows are in conserving the heat and keeping out the cold. Saving on your heating bills has never been so easy!

Improving your carbon footprint is very good nowadays, and it’s important that we all make a conscious effort to do so. So not only do you save money, but you’re also saving the environment by providing your home with better insulation. It can help reduce any condensation, which can also help avoid damp and mould from forming in your home.

Measuring An Aluminium Window

If you’re looking at doing the fitting yourself, then it’s important to know exactly the specifics on measurements. We’d always recommend having someone come out who is professionally equipped to measure and install the windows unless you have the ability to do so. We can help advise you on how to measure them correctly if it’s something you’re doing yourself.

It’s better to have advice from professionals though where possible as this can avoid you making any costly mistakes. The last thing you want to do is cause any damage to your property when it comes to taking the old windows out and putting the new windows in.

The Cost Of Aluminium Windows

The cost of an aluminium window will often depend on the size and style that you go for. The more specific your requirements, the more costly it becomes, especially for those that are more unique and require advanced technology and engineering to create. However, we pride ourselves on offering the very best in quality but also making them as affordable as possible to our customers.

We want to make sure that our products aren’t breaking the bank, and so if you’re interested, you can get in touch to find out. We offer no-obligation quotes as part of our service over the phone or via email.

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Are Aluminium Windows Better Than UPVC?

The difference between the two is something worth knowing when deciding which to go for. As much as UPVC has been popular over the last 40 years, they do tend to need replacing every twenty years. Compared to aluminium windows that can last up to 45, that’s over double the amount of time that UPVC can offer. It means you’re making more value from going with aluminium over UPVC. The cost of aluminium windows though, tends to be more expensive but then it’s important to weigh up the two when it comes to duration.

How Long Does The Installation Process Take?

As we’re suppliers of aluminium windows, you can expect a fast delivery of the windows themselves. For installing these windows, it’s typically expected to be something that can be done within a day. However, there might be occasions where they take a little longer depending on the scale of the project. You might have the one or two windows that are being replaced, or you could be doing your whole property. Depending on the number of people working on the installation and the number of windows will vary the amount of time it takes to fit them in.

We have plenty of information on our blog when it comes to buying and fitting windows and doors.

How To Get In Touch

If you would like further information on any of the aluminium windows available and which ones are best suited, you can get in touch via email or phone. We can also give you a breakdown of the prices available and a quote if needed. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 3105 0402. Let us be the ones who give your home that transformation you’ve been looking for.

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