Bi Fold Doors UK is committed to delivering the best possible service when it comes to the manufacture and supply of Bi Fold Doors and Windows. We think it’s better to specialise in something than be ‘just okay’ at multiple things. For this reason, we’re supply only and proud of what we deliver. If you need help with fitting, we’re happy to give advice on the process and refer you to appropriate contractors that we’ve worked with in the past.

Because all of our products are made to exact specifications, we deliver custom quotes depending on size and complexity, as well as materials for each product delivered. If you would like a rough guide, please call or send a quote request to find out cost guidelines or send through exact requirements of your job for a full quote via email.

Because Bi Fold Doors and Windows are bespoke products, each project is made to size to install in a specific fitting. All of the aspects included in bespoke services require time to not only build but also quality check and spec-review. Our normal policy is to supply your order within two to three weeks (10-20 working days). On occasion, we may experience a high volume of orders, which pushes expected delivery times out further than normal, of which our clients are informed upon order. If you require express delivery, this can sometimes be delivered depending on stock availability and project type.

Bi Fold Doors, Windows and related products come in many different types and styles. You can choose inward or outward opening styles, or whether the door folds to the left or right. It can also open from the centre of be adjustable to open either way. The number of panels you have will depend on the aperture size, but panels can normally be delivered between 700-1200mm wide (example with aperture: 2800mm wide aperture can accommodate three or four panels in a door).

In the construction industry, we all understand that security is a key component of a successful project. As such, all our Bi Fold products undergo rigorous security tests. Multi-point locking and snap-secure locking cylinders on the traffic doors are standard components in Bi Fold security. A must for these products are high-security hook locks as well as latch and dead bolts built-in. Each panel can also be locked individually with a key system.

If you need Doors or Windows, we can get them to you. Just ask.