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per leaf, fully glazed, including UK delivery*, stock colours, excluding VAT. 

BiFold Doors


per leaf, fully glazed, including UK delivery*, stock colours, excluding VAT. 

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BiFold Doors

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Bi Fold Doors Surrey is a window and door fitter that is out of this world

There is something exceptionally beautiful about a solid set of doors in the home or business. At Bi Fold Doors Surrey, we completely understand why you want a polished look and an aesthetic design, and it’s for this reason that we work tirelessly from start to finish to give you what you need. You are our priority, and we know it can be overwhelming to speak to more than one bifold doors company, which is why we endeavour to make our processes and procedures as clear as possible from the very beginning. Take a look below at how we plan to make this door fitting process easy for you.


Money and costs are awkward conversations to have, and when you speak to more than one company to get a quotation for their services, you’re going to have at least one trader rush in with over inflated prices and make you put pen to paper right away. The pressure that you can get from some companies to say yes from the moment you hear a quote is not something that we align ourselves with. We know what it’s like to want options, and it’s why we offer a more gentle approach.

We’ll come around to work out the details with you and we won’t be there long. We also won’t force you to say yes; we prefer to give you the time to think about your options. While you’re busy thinking, we’ll put together our final quotation and send it along for your reference.

Making it easy with Guide Prices

We know, all of that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t end there. Our policy is to give you guidance where possible, and sometimes all it takes is a rough idea to get you to a decision. You need to send us along external and internal photos of the space you want to open up to the world and - subject to survey - we can provide you with that rough idea of the price we’ll charge. There are a lot of options, of course, but we will always follow up with a Fixed Price to help.

Visofold 1000 light grey aluminium bifold doors

Supply Only

At Bi Fold Doors Surrey, we are proud of the fact that we deal with supply-only orders on occasion. It’s well known that we can deliver the best service to customers and that’s why trade businesses are a speciality of ours. Our spec-certain bifold doors hit the spot for some trade customers, and our quiet confidence keeps them coming back.

Supply & Fit

Our experience takes us a long way, and our products are as well known to us as they are to anyone else. Our trade customers contract us for fitting as well as supply, because they know how well we know our aluminium bifold doors and window products. Quality is the name of the game, and we are more than happy to step up and play.

Full Installation

Sometimes, you want one step further than just supply and supply and fit services. That’s great, because at Bi Fold Doors Surrey, we can offer you the design, knock-through, build and finish trifecta of perfection. Our tradesmen work alongside our designers for the ground-up service you deserve.

If you need Doors or Windows, we can get them to you. Just ask.