If you are investing in aluminium bifold or sliding patio doors, one set of accessories you might like to add to the design are integrated blinds.

What are these? Rather than fitting on the outside of your doors, integrated blinds are built into the glazing between the panels of glass. It’s a design that looks fantastic and is easier to maintain that external blinds.

Not only do they give you control over the amount of light you get in your room and improve privacy, integrated blinds also provide a little extra insulation. That means your energy efficiency will be improved and that may well lower you utility bills.

outside view Visofold 1000 bifold doors with integrated blinds
inside view Visofold 1000 bifold doors with integrated blinds

What Are Screenline® Integrated Blinds?

Our aluminium bi-fold and sliding doors can be delivered with the Screenline® Integrated Blind System installed. Sealed within the window, these remain dust free forever and can be operated by using a magnetic slider to lift or tilt the blinds.

If you have kids, you may be worried at having cords hanging from your door frames – there’s no such problem here and the installations meet all the current requirements of the BBSA. With external blinds, you also have the problem of them becoming damaged or twisted. There’s no such issue with integrated blinds.

You don’t have to do anything with these blinds – they sit in perfect condition throughout the lifetime of your sliding or bi-fold doors and you never have to clean them.

The slider for the integrated blinds is also treated with Santized® patented antibacterial finish which prevents cross-contamination of bacteria and germs, no matter who uses it. You can opt for a range of 10 different colours for the integral blinds. The slide guide and headrail, as well as the slider, come in 4 different colours. That gives you lots of choice to find a product that perfectly suits your home.

The Benefits of Integrated Blinds

  • They are basically maintenance free.
  • They are very hygienic because you don’t get any build up of dirt or dust.
  • They are child-friendly and highly secure.
  • They allow you to regulate the light into your home and give you privacy.
  • They can improve the energy efficiency of your room.
  • They are suitable for both homes and businesses.
  • They look absolutely fantastic.


Why Include Integrated Blinds?

You may want to leave your bi-fold or sliding doors open to the world. Some people prefer to use curtains, others their own external blinds. If you want something that looks chic and stylish and is low maintenance as well, however, then integrated blinds make a lot of sense.

When you choose your doors, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at integrated blinds at the same time. Contact us to find out more and see what options are available.

If you need Integrated Blinds, we can get them to you. Just ask.