House extensions in London come in various styles and options, so if you’re looking to add a little more room to your living space, you may not be exactly sure where to begin. After all, if you live in London, you likely are trading space for the amenities of the city, for the little space you reside in.

Just because you live in London though doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream of having your ideal property. You really can have both: the location and the perfect home. It simply might mean that you need to add an extension to your home, but we can make that dream a reality.

London House Extensions

Let’s address some of the more common ways to add useful space to your existing London home so that you can see what would best fit your current living environment.
Single Storey Extension

The obvious design choice of a single-storey extension is to expand your ground floor. When you choose this option, there are a few ways to integrate this into your home, such as a garden room, a side extension, or a full wrap-around extension. However, to be able to do this, you’ll need extra property space to begin with. Otherwise, you’ll want to opt for a double or multi-storey extension.

Some of the ways you might expect to expand your home in London with a single storey extension are included below.

garden room london

A London Garden Room

A garden room is, quite honestly, one of the most beautiful ways to add space to your living area. The semi-glazed building can be used in a slew of ways: an extra bedroom or office, a small living space to entertain guests during any season, a dining nook, or simply an extension of an existing living room. The extra light can change this ambience of your entire home. If you’re interested in experiencing the seasons without ever leaving the comfort of your home, a garden room is your ideal choice.
Keep in mind, this is only an option as a single-storey extension since you’ll need the physical garden space. The technologies used at Bi Fold Doors UK ensures that your garden room maintains heat efficiently so that you can use your garden room during both the coldest and warmest months in London.

Side Extension

If you realise that you’re not utilising the side of your property, turn it into an extension and use the space for daily activities!

Perfect for entertaining guests

A side extension allows you to urn the alleyway at the side of your house into an extension and is quite typical on some of the more Victorian-period properties found throughout London. While they are relatively small, since the side area is not usually very much space, they offer significant space to your house. This is a great option for making a tiny kitchen feel giant. If you love entertaining, a side extension is typically more than enough to turn your home into a great entertainment and dining space.

To give it an even more open-feel, you can add roof lanterns which add aesthetic beauty and help a small extension feel much larger.

Double or Multi-Storey House Extensions in London

If you don’t have a lot of extra garden space, or simply don’t want to sacrifice it for more living space, you might want to build up rather than out. To be fully transparent, additional storeys are quite a bit more on the expensive range of extensions, with both extra work and physically more materials required. However, the pay off can be huge. If you are looking to grow your family, a second storey to your London home might just be ideal. By adding a second storey, you open up the option of not simply extending a specific room, but creating additional ones altogether. Many small families choose this option before they consider adding kids to the equation, or use the additional floors as a way to work remotely from home.

Many older homes do not have the deluxe master bedroom and bathroom that couples often envision as part of their home, so by creating an extra storey, they can make this dream a reality. Multiple storey homes are a great option if you’re looking to add substantial space, and because it’s completely fresh, you can choose exactly what you’d like to do with the area. While it is more expensive than many options, it does provide the best options as far as flexibility in your house.

Should you ever want to move outside of the city, your home will also have a high resale value and is likely to be sold quickly.

Wrap-around London Home Extension

If you have both side space and a garden area that is underutilised, you can add a huge amount of space to your current home by integrating a wrap-around extension. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you add space to both the side and back of your home, resulting in an overall larger area.

Many older homes can be transformed with the use of a wrap-around extension since it often opens up the floor plan. With a wrap-around extension to your London home, you have the advantage of being able to also renovate your current interior so that you can use the new space for full extra rooms, or simply open up your floor plan to have a more welcoming environment.

A second advantage of a wrap-around extension should you live in a multi-storey home, you can significantly increase the space of a second storey with a wrap-around extension as well.

Whether you choose to add on a garden room, a side extension or wrap-around, or completely revamp your home with a second or multi-storey extension, Bi Fold Doors UK can help transform your home with the addition of beautiful aluminium bi fold doors that use a small amount of space. When adding house extensions in London, we know how precious space can be. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge for a full home extension but want to revitalise the aesthetic of your home, we’re happy to talk to you aluminium windows and door options that can add a much more open feel to your home without even adding any extra space.

If you need Doors or Windows, we can get them to you. Just ask.