A Beginner’s Guide to Bi-fold Doors

house extension decking bifold doors

There are plenty of ways to add elegance and value to your home, from converting a spare room to putting in a conservatory. One way to bring more than a little style to areas like the back garden is to install bifold doors.

These are perfect on hot summer days, when you want to entertain, or simply when you want to sit under cover and relax with a book or two in the open air.

What Are Bi fold Doors?

Most large door installations slide back and forth and, while they’re a good option, they don’t always open up a space in the way that people want. A bifold door is a little different. While it slides open in the normal way it also folds like a concertina and can be stacked against the supporting wall. That means you can really open up a room to the outside.

These are excellent options if you want to bring your garden space to life and create an area that is great for entertaining. The large expanse of clear glass means you always have a great view whatever the time of the year. And when the weather’s nice and you want to let in the air, it’s simply a matter of sliding the panels back.

Bifold doors are easy to operate and even easier to maintain. Pick the right installation and they can add not only a certain panache but value to your home as well.

Choosing the Right Bifold Doors

While the idea of bifold doors might not have occurred to you before, they’re becoming increasingly popular in many homes across the UK. These doors can be made from a variety of materials but the two most common are wood and aluminium.

Of the two, aluminium has some distinct advantage. Firstly, they deliver thinner sight-lines for the support they provide and they’re ideally suited for larger spaces. Secondly, aluminium is much easier to maintain, especially with their new powder coatings and require less doors or panels within the actual frame.

The next thing you will have to decide is whether your doors are going to be top hung or bottom rolling. The weight of your bifold doors can be supported in two ways, either from the top or bottom. This can often come down to preference but if you have a lot of garden debris, particularly in the autumn and winter, you might want to consider top hung. Either way, you need to pick a door with a quality mechanism that meets all the current EU and building standards.

Most newly fitted bifold doors come with energy efficient double glazing that is geared towards keeping the heat in. That’s important when it comes to such large installations. Some bifold doors can stretch across the whole width of a wall, so you want to be sure you get the best insulation on the market.

At Bi Fold Doors UK, we create the bespoke, made to measure doors to fit your home perfectly. We deliver across the whole of the UK and provide full guarantees. If you want to create a space that really stands out and adds value to your home, contact us today.


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