Christmas Construction Carol

a photo of a puppy in a Santa hat surrounded by Christmas presents


Twas the day after Christmas and the family awoke,
To the calm of Boxing Day, and not a word was spoke,
Until they reminisced about a truly awesome day,
That had family and friends, and no shortage of hoorays.

It had been their turn to host, this annual affair,
And all the months leading up to it had caused them some despair.
For this house was not quite right, to be entertaining groups,
The pretty garden was hidden and the doors sent you in loops.

It’s not that they didn’t want to invite everyone around,
It’s just that the past few years were different – but it was their turn now!
How were they to manage, in their poky little house?
They’d be spinning on a sixpence trying to feed the hungry mouths.

And another problem arose, when they began to realise,
That the lighting was rather dim, particularly for Nanna’s ageing eyes.
And with this dining room full, what were people going to think?
Poor old Uncle Jeff might as well be seated in the sink!

But just as they began to worry that they’d have to call it off,
A friend came round for tea who had recently renovated a loft.
They suggested that the family consider doing a renovation,
Something that would make their house a home for generations.

Well this had not occurred to them, and they began to talk,
In excited tones about the options over nightly walks.
They browsed the endless catalogues of scary DIYs,
But they also called up Bi Fold Doors UK, who seemed like friendly guys.

Well, within a couple of days from then, their minds were far more settled.
The team from London sent round young Pete, and the family put on the kettle.
They told him of their worries and about their hopes and dreams,
And he – like some new Santa Clause – delivered to extremes.

He detailed to the family what he thought would work a treat:
A wall of sliding glass panels was something they just couldn’t beat.
And so it was that come Christmas day, the relatives hip-hip hoorayed,
The family had worked magic with some help from Bi Fold Doors UK.


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