Visofold 1000 Bifold Door Review

black Visofold 1000 aluminium bi fold doors

If you are looking to open up your dining room or kitchen to the garden and create a truly stunning space, adding bifold doors is certainly a great option.

Choosing the right installation, however, takes a good deal of thought. Ideally you want a product that is both secure, well insulated and which looks highly attractive.

Visofold 1000 bifold doors from Smart Systems combine the latest modern design with great functionality. A popular choice for domestic properties, their aluminium frames create open panoramas while maintaining structural integrity and strength.

For those seeking bifold doors that are both pleasing to the eye and deliver on security, thermal integrity and flexibility, this is one of the best products on the market today. Visofold doors are ideal homes as well as bars and restaurants where you can easily create open air seating during the summer months while still providing stunning exterior views when the doors are closed.

Visofold 1000 Frames

The first thing you notice about Visofold 1000 bifold doors is the slim nature of the frames. These are made from aluminium and include polyamide thermal technology – creating a good barrier that keeps your property warm and snug during the winter months.

Add to this the option of double or triple glazed windows and you have a highly efficient door system that perfectly suits areas like kitchens, dining rooms and conservatories.

You have a choice of a range of different paint finishes for the frames – the Visofold design uses polyester powder paint and you have several options including wood effect, dual colours and metallic effects to name just a few.

Secure Design

Anyone who decides to install bifold doors will want to know about security. The good news is that these types of installation are as secure as any window or door in your home. The sturdy aluminium frame is matched with the latest multi-point locking mechanisms and shoot bolt locking, all available as standard.

Sliding Mechanism

The key to a good bi-fold door is in it’s functionality. You want it to be able to open and close it almost effortlessly. And you want that ease of use to last throughout its lifetime.

The Visofold bifold door has an exceptional sliding mechanism that can cope with a range of different door sizes. If you want a wider opening, you can take advantage of the Visofold 1000 triple track system. Maintenance of the system is simple and easy to undertake which means that you can be sure that your bifold door installation is built to last.

About the Company

Smart Architectural Aluminium are one of the leading lights in the design of aluminium windows and bifold doors. With 30 years manufacturing experience behind them, they have become synonymous with quality at an affordable price. Their products are constantly tested to make sure that they meet current building requirements.

And, of course, in recent years they have been focused on maintaining sustainable manufacturing processes that benefit the environment.

If you are considering having bifold doors installed in your property, Visofold 1000 by Smart offer both flexibility and durability combined with great designs to suit almost any location.

You can view their full brochure on our website or read more about our aluminium bifold doors.


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