What Should I Do Before Renovating My Home?

renovating my home

We have a funny situation in the UK where two intertwined subjects are at different levels of understanding in the public minds: we all want to renovate our home, but we’re not quite sure how to go about it. The good news is, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide just for you: ‘What should I do before renovating my home?’

First, a couple of assumptions

We think it’s probably smart to tell you a couple of things we assume you’ve done or are doing before the rest of this guide makes sense. First, if it’s a big renovation, don’t go it alone: get a contractor out! Secondly, your family’s onside. We don’t want to build a set of lovely Aluminium BiFold Doors just in time for your partner to get home from a weekend away and wonder where their wall has gone!

1. Research potential construction companies or contractors

Before going any further, it can be helpful to know what you’re in for and who you want to work with. So start talking – both to the actual companies that offer what you’re looking for, and with friends and family, who might have a recommendation (or a warning!). At Bi Fold Doors UK, much of our work comes from happy customers telling their networks about us, so trusting those that you know is a good way to do some due diligence on potential contractors.

2. Check your finances

One of the big things people forget is that costs can grow bigger than you first expect with construction projects. That can, of course, be mitigated by some proper planning and discussions with professional builders. But you first want to know what your limit is, and then start planning what you can do within those bounds.

3. Finally, chat to your neighbours

Unless you’re lucky enough to live on a big property somewhere rural, you likely have neighbours and they’re bound to be impacted in some way by these upcoming works. It’s a good idea to invite them round for a cuppa and biscuit and discuss what you’re hoping to do, and ask them of any worries they have. Just the simple thought of chatting to them about it will make them far more amicable when the hammers interrupt their siesta!


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