What We’re Learning from Grand Designs

modern glass property design with swimming pool grand designs

The television series Grand Designs, hosted by the unflappable Kevin McCloud, is an open door to a world of poorly handled projects, cutting edge ideas and self-professed designers. In amongst the mayhem however there often stems pictures of beauty brought about by original and fascinating architecture that incorporates traditional tastes with innovative engineering. What has this got to do with Bi Fold Doors?

Grand Designs: a marvelous piece of weekly documentary production that allows us to feel a slice of the excitement of home renovation on a giant scale. From witnessing historic French castles converted into modern day B&Bs, to gazing wide-eyed as small plots of land in central London are transformed into living and breathing innovative family homes, if you’ve watched this TV series you’ve just about seen it all.

It must be noted that throughout these seemingly endless constructions there is one design continuum that never appears to waver: the need for light. Indeed, a casual glance through the plentiful gallery of images available on the Grand Designs website will demonstrate just how critical this desire has become in the modern dwelling.

From full glass walls to BiFold Doors, buildings are beginning to embrace natural light for the wonderful source of health and atmosphere that it is. And it is not just in conventional methods like large windows that we see this now occurring.

If the budding designers under the microscope of the program are not lucky enough to have a large, spacious block of land, the norm is becoming for a large sky-light to be placed in the ceiling, such is the recognition of the importance of natural light.

If, however, they are lucky enough to have the option, home developers are looking to capitalise on the substantial opportunity provided to them by using large sections of wall space as entry passages for the sun. And this is where BiFold Doors concepts come into play.

A brick wall does two primary things. It blocks everything out, and it keeps everything in. A window lets in light and air but again, tends to keep everything in. Combine a wall, a window and a door, however, and you have the ability to allow light and air in as well as have direct access in and out for yourself.

The latter, of course, are Bi Fold Doors. The extreme versatility and effectiveness of these is what is making them a must have addition to every modern home.

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