Why Bi-Fold Doors Are Perfect For a Pub or Restaurant

bi-fold doors restaurant

If you run a bar or restaurant, you’ll understand the need to provide customers with a great experience and comfortable surroundings. Consumers, and in particularly diners, are a lot more savvy when it comes to their choices. Creating the right atmosphere is vital.

Being able to open up your restaurant or pub to the outside when it’s a hot sunny day means that you not only have more space but a much better ambience. Once you open those bifold doors you instantly create a reason for people to step inside, plus you can fit in more tables and even look at expanding what your venue has to offer.

What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-Fold doors have become popular for both commercial and domestic properties over the last decade or so. They are similar to large sliding glass doors but in this case each panel concertinas back so that you can create a bigger open space. They can provide a much larger area to work in for restaurants that have outside seating and certainly help develop and design that great outdoor feeling during the summer months and early autumn.

Are They Secure?

One of the first things that many restaurant and bar owners will want to know before they invest in bi-fold doors is whether they are secure enough. The good news is that you can expect all the high quality multi-locking points and other security measures that you get with normal or sliding doors.

In addition, the thermal efficiency properties of the double glazed glass means that you can be sure that you won’t be loosing valuable heat during the winter when the doors are closed.

The Top Five Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

  1. They give you the flexibility you need if you start to get busy or want to open up your space for that special event.
  2. You create an area where there’s more light, even if the doors are shut, and you give patrons every chance to enjoy the view outside.
  3. For restaurants, having bi-fold doors installed means you have better ventilation and can regulate the temperature both inside and out.
  4. You create curb appeal for passing customers. It’s no surprise that bi-fold doors are popular with restaurants and bars in seaside resorts where there is a lot of passing trade during the summer months.
  5. Opening up your bi-fold doors makes it easier for staff to serve both those patrons dining inside and those out on the patio or veranda.

A lot will depend on the area that you are focusing on and what it has to offer. For a hotel, for example, where there’s a swimming pool outside, it makes perfect sense to install bi-fold doors. If you have a large outside area where people are allowed to eat and drink, opening up helps create an inclusive atmosphere. You may have an upper balcony for your bar or restaurant that you want to put to better use.

All in all, however, the point of bi-fold doors is that they allow you to create a really good ambience without having to do much more than push the panels aside. If you’d like to find out how bi-fold doors can benefit your bar or restaurant, get a quote or contact our team today.

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